Women and Identity Interview: Deirdre Eberhart

Deirdre Eberhart

Self-Care Guide dedicated to helping creative and unconventional women to put themselves first. Deirdre gives practical tools, offers strengths-based support, fosters inspiration, and helps you address everyday stressors by offering guided meditations and mind training tips.

Deirdre Eberhart

Deirdre is a sweet and woman filled with light. I haven't had a chance to meet her in person but my conversation with her left me feeling happy and peaceful. What really stands out about Deirdre is she wants to work with women before they even know they need her. How awesome is that? She works with women to create the mindset they need to help them get through the tough transitions in life. 

Nuggets of Wisdom Shared by Deirdre

  • Prepare yourself mentally for the transitions that you know are coming. 
  • Self-care and self-love are necessary for everyone.
  • Listen to that inner voice telling you to shine. Find the right people to help you and make it happen. 

What inspired you to work in this business?

I love helping a ton of people, specifically moms. I work with women on transitions. A lof women feel depressed and anxious during transitions. I work with women on preventative care. I want to help you prepare yourself in order to go through transitions in a healthy way. Therapy is wonderful but why not work to avoid the negative feelings down the road. 

Who is a woman you admire? Why?

I know this might not be popular but I admire Hillary Clinton. I am in awe of how she is pushing through even though there is so much negativity around her. Everyone is trying to take her down. I could use her kind of energy. She is focused on one thing and it is getting what she wants. She is focusing on the positive messages and pushing forward no matter what.

What is a challenge you see women face? How do you support women in getting past these challenges?

Time Management and Balance. People often say there isn't enough time. I work with people to chunk their time so that it is more manageable. I ask a person to make a 3 item to do list. These should be three items that are able to be completed that same day. After you complete your three tasks, then you have momentum. At that point, you can decide to move on to something else or keep pushing through. This tactic really gives you a confidence boost. 


What can you tell my readers about the healing process?

When you feel overwhelmed its great to focus on what you can organize and control. Start putting the pieces together and move forward. Take the time to take care of yourself. Everyone needs self-care. In the long run you save money when you invest in yourself.  

If you have something in you that you want done, you ignore that nagging, the feeling to get it done will follow you. #theselfcarefaerie

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What do you tell yourself in your darkest moments to keep moving forward?

Meditation. I meditate a lot and focus on balancing my emotions. Being mindful and focusing in on the where the feelings are in my body help me heal. I sit with the hurt and focus on it. I want to deal with it head on and then move forward rather than sitting on the feelings. 

Deirdre Eberhart

What comes to mind when you hear women and identity?

As soon as I gave birth, I was handed my daughter and the nurse said "Here you go, Mom". I've been answering to it ever since. As a society, we are guilty of doing this. I use the phrase mom to speak to another woman. As soon as someone becomes a mom that is how they are referred to. We are not seen as a person with our own thoughts and feelings. It is important to step outside of that. Be conscious of when you say it to other people. 

Why do you believe it is important for women to follow their passions?

Women should pursue their passions. Following our passions means we don't lose our identity. We show our children how to live their life with passion by being an example. Whatever your passion is, being a SAHM or doctor, do it. If you have something in you and you ignore that nagging it, that nagging feeling to get it done will follow you. Whatever it is, find the support you need to get it done, because it is out there. 

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