Girls Can, Girls Do. A Coloring Book for You.

Coloring Book

Girls Can, Girls Do is a coloring book filled with empowering messages for girls between the ages of 7 and 10. This inspirational coloring book provides young girls with affirmations to help keep them focused during their everyday lives. Each page features images of girls from different cultures facing different challenges. As they face these challenges, they remind themselves of the magic they have inside of themselves. Girls will find instructions on how to incorporate a meditation practice into their lives using any of the affirmations on these pages. This coloring book gives girls the opportunity to build their confidence. Coloring books are extremely popular with adults and the images on these pages are great for mothers and daughters to do together. This book creates a great platform to open communication with your daughter and share stories with one another. You can download free sample pages from the coloring book here: Girls Can, Girls Do. A coloring book for girls from all backgrounds facing everyday experiences.