5 Easy Habits to Put Into Action When Learning to Love Yourself

"Learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all!" -Michael Masser

A close friend of mine has had the same morning routine for the past 20 years. Every morning, she spends 15 minutes looking at herself in the mirror and reminds herself of all the reasons why she believes she is amazing. The first time I saw her doing this, I was only 15, and I couldn’t comprehend what she was doing. Now, as an adult, I am so proud of her for having such confidence in herself at such a young age. Regardless of the situation, I always see her standing up tall, taking risks while always believing in herself. She is her own biggest cheerleader, and I admire this about her.

I wish that women put similar habits into place while learning to love themselves.


You meet the demands of your life while showing care for others but how often do you demonstrate kindness and love to yourself? You are the one who decides how to talk to yourself and what value you give yourself. My friend has a standard practice in place, and she started doing this at such a young age, it's firmly established in her life. As moms, the demands on our time increase and the thought of carving out time for improving our self-love practice can seem selfish and single minded.

I’m here to tell you that this is far from the truth. When you spend time giving to yourself you feel better, have more energy and are more present with your children.

learning to love yourself

So, when will you decide to become your biggest cheerleader?

When will you decide to become your biggest cheerleader? @chooseyoulove

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Today, I am sharing with you 5 Habits you can start using right now while learning to love yourself more! Let's get to it.

1. Strengthen your communication skills.

How you talk to yourself matters! A LOT! You don't know everything in this world, but you are the one that knows yourself best. Spend more time reminding yourself of how awesome you are. Your house is a mess, but you managed to play with the kids, cook dinner and give them a bath. Instead of saying “I can’t believe I didn’t get the dishes done” tell yourself “I am awesome, my kids are well fed, safe and happy.” It’s not that you weren’t able to do more, it’s about how you talk to yourself at the end of the day. Take 5 minutes tonight to reflect on your day. How can you shift the way you speak to yourself about what you accomplished?

2. Be Exactly Who You Are

Just like your mom said: “Pretending to be someone you’re not is dishonest.” It’s also hard on your self-esteem. Embrace the parts of you that are unique and share them with others. Some people will like you while others do not. That’s true regardless of your personality. This isn’t a competition. This being a mom thing is lonely as hell. Being someone you are not just to fit into someone “norm” isn’t doing you or your children any favors. Be your true self, the right people and energies will come your way.

3. Slow the Heck Down

If you’re not relaxed, you’re protecting yourself. If you’re protecting yourself, you're not your real self. Be more carefree. See the humorous side of life. Enjoy the things you like to do more. If you enjoy doing them, you will get better at them. There are things you have to do that you don't love, but you can choose to spend more time doing the things that you do love.

Learning to Love Yourself

4. Put the Phone Down

Is your phone the first thing you grab when you wake up?. Try this one easy trick, don’t pick it up when you first wake up. Wait at least 15 minutes before you even look at it. Use these extra fifteen minutes to be quiet with yourself. Just sit in the silence and listen to yourself. Stop using the phone as an escape from you. Give yourself back the time you would have wasted by scrolling through Facebook. During these quiet moments pay attention to what your mind is saying, does your body and what you want to do.

5. Strengthen your communication skills.

For the last tip, I asked you just to be quiet with yourself for 15 minutes. Now, I want you to get real with yourself. Your thoughts are racing non-stop and during this quiet time, you can listen to your truth. It is so easy to push away thoughts that are uncomfortable when you are super busy. However, growth doesn't happen in comfort. Sometimes we need to lean into the ideas and thoughts that make us feel comfortable. Take this time for yourself and peel back the layers of who you are. Know this time is for you and no one else. So, leave it all out there.

I would much rather spend my time waking up feeling proud of myself, actually loving myself for who I was then waking up worried what other people thought about me. I now know that I am the one who will always be with me, and my opinion is the one that matters the most!

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