How to deal with depression and anxiety


I have a bipolar disorder.

I have an anxiety disorder.

But I have neither.

I think my bipolar disorder is a combination of everything.

My anxiety disorder is the worst of all the things I have.

So, I have bipolar disorder because I have anxiety.

The way I have it is that I have panic attacks, which I never really felt before.

I was in college.

I just started talking about it, and it was hard for me to talk about it.

I started getting suicidal thoughts.

I would start thinking about what to do and what not to do.

It was very hard to get myself to stop.

Then I had a panic attack at work.

And it was just really scary.

Then there was an anxiety attack at home.

I had panic attacks at the office, and that was when I had an episode.

Then at my son’s wedding, I had to go to the bathroom and just shut down.

I’ve had four.

There’s just a lot of stuff going on.

I’m very, very bipolar.

And I had been seeing a therapist for two years and was just in the process of getting off the antidepressant drugs.

I really wasn’t ready for that.

It’s like going from a car accident, which can happen for years and years.

I went from being really bipolar to having a really hard time.

But it took me so long to get off that.

My doctor is so good, but I don’t know how to talk to her because I’m not in the right frame of mind. I don

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