When I think of depression, I think anime, but it’s actually not the same


I think I know what depression is and why it’s so devastating to the person suffering from it.

But in truth, depression is really complicated.

It’s not just a mental illness, but a neurological condition that affects the brain and body in different ways.

It’s the same reason why I’m struggling with depression.

I’ve been struggling with it since I was a teenager.

My mother’s depression was very serious and I had to go to a very expensive psychiatrist in order to get treatment for it.

The reason I went to this psychiatrist was because of my mother.

The first thing she told me was, “My mother’s suffering from depression, she’s got a lot of problems”.

She told me that her depression was like a cancer that was growing and she needed to be treated in order for it to die.

I don’t know if I believed her.

It didn’t help.

And I was really, really worried about my mother and about her life.

But I didn’t think she’d be okay with it, so I just said no to everything.

I started watching anime in high school and I think it was around the time that I started doing a lot more of my homework and playing games and reading.

I used to think, “That’s what anime is for.”

I thought, “This is where I can finally go and find happiness”.

I got interested in it in college and started to study it.

I’m still studying it, but I’m not doing much.

I feel like I’m falling behind in my studies, and I feel that anime can be a way to stay ahead.

But that’s a lot to ask.

I don’t want to be a loser, so if there’s anything that can help me feel better, it’s to make anime more interesting and interesting to watch.

I was really into anime at first.

I loved it when it was on TV and I thought that it would be a good outlet for me to be lonely and depressed, but as soon as I got into it, it turned into this whole other thing.

I became depressed.

My life just got really difficult. I didn

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