‘I’m so glad you’re a comedian’: ‘You are the best’


Comedian and host of “The Colbert Report” Stephen Colbert said Tuesday he’s proud to be a comedian and joked about the diagnosis of a man with severe depression.

In his weekly podcast, “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” Colbert said he’s been diagnosed with severe depressive disorder.

Colbert said the diagnosis is a blessing in disguise.

“The thing that’s so great about depression is that, even though you’re not thinking about it, it’s in your body and you can’t stop it.

You just have to deal with it and try to keep it from coming back,” Colbert told host Stephen Colbert.”

And if you do that, and you don’t feel the need to stop, then you are a genius.””

I think that the most important thing you can do to help a person is to not judge them by the things that they say and how they act and how much they say,” he said.”

If you don’st feel like you have a problem, you have no problem, and that’s really the best you can hope for.”

Colbert said the best way to help someone is to be their friend.

They’re like, ‘I can’t talk about it.’ “

But I know a lot of people I’ve worked with in the last year who have had a really hard time just because of depression.

They’re like, ‘I can’t talk about it.’

I said, ‘Oh, that’s okay, you’re my friend.

You can talk about this.'””

It’s a terrible thing.

You know how people are.

I know that.

I’ve done it too many times.

I was really in a relationship with my girlfriend and I didn’t know how to handle it.

I didnto say anything.

I just kept it to myself.

And when I told my girlfriend I was dealing with this, I thought, Well, that is terrible.

Youre not supposed to talk about something like that,” Colbert joked.

He also said he was surprised at how well people responded to his depression joke.

“People were just so shocked, you know, I said it, and it made them laugh,” he joked.

“You know what?

I think that’s the most wonderful thing about it?

People are really good at coming up with funny ways to be like, Oh, yeah, I’m so lucky I have a girlfriend.

I can talk to my girlfriend all the time.”