How to write a poem about depression


You’ve got a job, a home and a family.

But you’re not a happy camper.

Your life seems to be spiraling downward.

You want to get better.

And when you’re feeling down, you have the most vivid memories of your life.

You think about your family and the future.

You can’t stop thinking about them.

You have an obsessive compulsive disorder.

But if you think about them, you feel better.

You see things that you could never have imagined.

You can’t help but wonder how you could have imagined so many things in your life, even though you’re trying to be the best person you can be.

And the most frightening thing is, you’re beginning to wonder if you’re alone.

You have this constant feeling that your life is failing you.

You’re depressed, and you don’t know what to do.

You feel helpless and worthless.

You know you should do something about it, but you can’t find the motivation to do it.

You hear from your loved ones about depression, and they’re worried that you’re losing your job, your job is getting harder, and so you worry that you might be out of work.

You wonder if your job will be taken away from you, or you might lose your job because you don’ t have enough money to pay the bills.

You hear about a company that is offering you a promotion if you take it, and then you feel depressed.

You need to take it.

What’s the point?

You don’t want to be a burden to the company or your family.

You don’t think that the depression is your fault, that it’s just a matter of being tired, feeling anxious or depressed.

And you don t want to give up.

But you know that the only way to fix it is to go out and get help.

So you take a class, or a workshop, or whatever it is that you can do to get a little help, to try and change the way you feel.

And that is the most difficult thing, you realize.

You are so afraid that you’ll give up, and it will be just another chapter in your journey, you know, just another cycle of depression.

You start to think that you may never get better, that you are doomed to failure, that the world is not going to get any better.

You feel like your life has gone backwards.

You don t have the passion, the drive, the strength to get out and do something to make things better, to do something that will help you become a better person.

You begin to feel like you are a failure and you want to feel better, but there are so many people that love you that want to help you.

And you wonder, what are you going to do?

You wonder if there is a cure, or if it’s even possible to find one.

So many people have given up on the idea that you will ever feel better and you will get better because you will be able to fix your depression.

And then you realize, this is what you were told to believe, you were taught that depression is just a way to make you feel sad, that all you have to do is be sad and you’ll get better — that you need to be happy.

And so you start to question your entire life.

Do I even want to go back to school?

Do I want to work in a job that I love?

Do we really need this?

I just want to spend my time in my favorite place, being in my own little world.

But then you start realizing that there are many other things that are going to make your life better.

There are people out there who love you, who want to do what you want.

And if you are lucky, you might even find a job you really like.

But what happens when you start looking for those jobs?

You are constantly being asked about the number of jobs that you have left and whether they are good or bad.

You realize that you should be working.

You should be doing something that is fulfilling.

You must be happy to do this.

And so you begin to think about ways that you would like to start working again.

You get really, really depressed.

What am I going to say?

I know that there is no way out of depression, but if I can do something, I would do it right now.

And then you come home from work, and your parents tell you, “It’s your first day of work today.”

You feel so sad, so alone, and depressed.

But they say, “Don’t worry, we know that you want a good day, and that’s why we’re going to put you to work.”

And you look around and you realize that your family, friends and even your boss all have their jobs.

And they are doing it for you.

You are happy and fulfilled.

You just want your day to be over and you just want it to be easy and quick and to be done and to