When it comes to your future, the world’s oceans are changing


It’s not too late to get into the water.

The oceans are warming, and as the seas get warmer, the species that make up the ecosystem of our oceans will also shift in response.

That could have a profound impact on the world, from coral reefs to biodiversity, and we’re not even beginning to know what those changes will mean for the future of humans.

For those of us who live in tropical and subtropical climates, we’ve been seeing the impacts of climate change for decades now.

But we still don’t know what the effects are going to be for the world as a whole.

To understand just how big the impacts are, and what that means for us, we spoke to experts.

From oceanographers and oceanographers to climate scientists and climate economists, we asked them to give us their take on how the changing ocean is going to change our planet.