Australia’s second-biggest city to get $10 billion worth of smart buildings


In an announcement that is likely to have riled the likes of Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, Sydney’s new government has announced it will spend $10bn building a new network of smart homes and smart buildings in the city.

The move is the latest in a series of infrastructure announcements by the Turnbull government that will see the city become one of the biggest in the world to house smart buildings, the latest of which is the planned $2.6bn installation of 10,000 smart buildings at the former Bank of NSW building in the CBD.

It comes as the Turnbull Government faces mounting pressure over its handling of the NBN rollout, with reports of delays and budget cuts.

In the announcement on Thursday, the Government said it would build more than 20,000 units of smart infrastructure, including smart homes, as part of a $2bn plan to build the “world’s largest network of high-speed broadband” by 2021.

It is the largest single government investment in the network of new infrastructure since it was introduced in 2008.

Mr Turnbull has promised to invest $1.5bn over five years into the network, with $1bn to be spent on smart home infrastructure, while $400m will be spent to develop smart buildings and $200m to fund local infrastructure.

The Government also announced that it was also investing $500m to create a new community of smart people, with more than 400 jobs in the scheme.

This comes as it comes to light that the NBN will be rolled out by 2021, and the Government is facing mounting pressure from politicians over the NBN project.

“The Government is committed to delivering a fast, high-quality NBN,” the announcement said.

The rollout of the fibre-optic network in Sydney has been delayed due to high costs, with the Government paying $10.7bn for the project in 2016-17. “

This Government will be delivering the NBN to all Australians, including the people of Sydney, by 2021.”

The rollout of the fibre-optic network in Sydney has been delayed due to high costs, with the Government paying $10.7bn for the project in 2016-17.

Mr Murray said in the announcement that the project would be built at the Bank of New South Wales building in Sydney’s CBD.

“There will be about 100 smart homes there, and a smart community of more than 1,000 people, including teachers, healthcare workers, engineers, academics, teachers, nurses and community service workers,” he said.

The building will be used to develop the smart homes.

Mr Duncan said the government was building “the world’s first and largest smart home” to house the people who live there.

“A smart house is a house that is able to take the heat from the sun and run it at night and use solar energy to heat the home,” he told the ABC.

“You put a smart home on the site of a smart house and you’ll have a lot of heat that you can turn off and use at night.”