Which mood disorder should I seek help for?

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What’s depression?

It’s a mood disorder that affects people from all ages, from people with mental health problems to people who are very old and people who have died.

It can affect anyone who is depressed, from children to people with terminal illnesses.

Depression can have a range of symptoms and symptoms can vary across people.

It is a common condition and can affect any age.

But what exactly is depression?

How does it affect us?

How do we recognise symptoms and where can we find help?

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What is depression mood disorder?

Depression is the condition of being depressed.

People with depression have trouble concentrating, feeling sad, anxious, restless, and feel hopeless.

It also can affect people with anxiety disorders and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Depression is a disorder that is characterized by a lack of positive feelings or feelings of well-being and a lack for social support.

People can experience symptoms of depression from time to time, but symptoms are usually mild or mild to moderate.

They may include: feeling sad or sadistic (depression can be caused by anxiety disorders)