Which is better for depression: prescription medication or a doctor’s visit?


Medical treatment for severe depression is better than a doctor visit if you are struggling to control your symptoms, a study has found.

Symptoms include feelings of worthlessness and depression.

However, treatment is often expensive and difficult to access for people who can’t afford to see a specialist.

The researchers from the University of Melbourne say that if people are prescribed a prescription for anti-depressants and are given an appointment for a doctor to visit, they should be able to attend and see their doctor if their symptoms worsened.

The study, published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, found that people with severe depression who were prescribed anti-psychotic medication were twice as likely to be discharged as those who did not receive it.

Researchers also looked at patients who received a doctor appointment for the first time, and found they were twice more likely to receive the medication.

They said that patients with depression who did receive the prescription were less likely to need medication than those who had not received it, and that their symptoms improved significantly more when they received treatment.

Dr Rachel Mair from the university’s Department of Psychology said: “If you have been treated with anti-suicidal medication and it doesn’t seem to work well for you, then you may need to seek further help.”

If you are not comfortable with the prescribed medication, you should speak to your GP, who can refer you to a specialist who can help you to see your doctor.””

We believe that this is the first report of a benefit from a prescription visit for depression that was related to its effects on depressive symptoms,” she said.

Dr Mair said it was important to be aware of the fact that treatment may not work for everyone.”

We think it’s important to do a thorough assessment before prescribing medication and to ask your GP or mental health professional to make sure you understand what the potential benefits of the treatment are,” she explained.

The research was supported by the Australian Research Council (ARC).

A study published earlier this month by the University’s Institute of Psychiatry found that patients who took a drug to help them control their symptoms were less depressed than those treated with a medication that helped them control the symptoms.