Which tweets have been retweeted by the most depression-related tweets?


On Twitter, depression is the most-retweeted tweet.

It has been retweeting by an estimated 5 million people in the past 12 months, according to the data.

The tweet that started the trend?

A woman saying that she “felt very, very lonely” and needed help.

The trend continues with people asking for help from the hashtag #HelpMe.

The hashtag was coined in February, the same month that a new study by social media company Facebook showed the prevalence of depression in the US rose to 20.3% of the population.

The study said the most common reason for depression was not seeking help from someone.

The most popular hashtags were #HelpMyself, #HelpThem, and #HelpFormyself.

The number of tweets in the previous 24 hours peaked at 4,766 on the night of May 24, according the social media site.

There have been a number of high-profile social media users who have used the hashtag, including actor Josh Gad, who wrote on Instagram that he had been in a car crash and needed “a quick ride”.

The hashtags #HelpAndForMyself and #AskMeAnything have also been trending on Twitter.

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