Are Ketamine and Other Drugs Safe?

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CBS News’ Shonda Rhimes looks at the scientific research and what it says about the possible long-term health effects of certain drugs.

The new drug is a ketamine derivative, or a mixture of two drugs.

Its makers claim it is not a hallucinogen and has no hallucinogenic activity.

But the Drug Enforcement Administration and other experts say it has serious risks of causing psychosis, anxiety, hallucinations and other negative effects.

Ketamine is not the only new drug on the market.

The DEA issued a warning last month that a new drug, fentanyl, had similar chemical properties to ketamine, and was dangerous.

It said that fentanyl is “a synthetic opioid derivative of the drug ketamine.”

Fentanyl has no medicinal value.

The DEA said it was made from heroin.

In addition to fentanyl, several other new drugs have made headlines recently.

A group of scientists at Harvard Medical School say they’ve found that certain drugs can trigger the release of a new type of brain protein, called kappa, that could lead to psychotic and suicidal thoughts and behavior.

A new drug that works as a stimulant for Parkinson’s patients could help them get their muscles working again.

And a new opioid may lead to better pain management.CBS News’ Sharon Seiler reports.

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