You Are the Solution to Your Problems

You Are the Solution, Believe that You Are!

You are having a problem in your life. Maybe it’s weight loss or lack of time; the point is there is a frustration in your life that you find challenging right now. As you think about how to solve this problem, you start racking your brain trying to figure out who to reach out to resolve this issue. If your problem is weight loss, you decide to find a trainer to get you to your ideal weight. Or, you don't have enough time to get everything you need done, so you look for a program that will help you add more time to your day.

You have these resources in your hand, and you are excited to get started. You go to the trainer twice a week, then once a week and then you are paying for trainer services you never use. Or, you spent an entire day planning out your new schedule because this time-saving program is the program that will help you achieve your goals and a month later you forget what the name of the program is.

All your enthusiasm and focused started to dwindle and then you try to figure out what the hell went wrong with your “solution.”


Well, what went wrong?


Hunny, the reality is that you are at the center of all your "problems." You are the main attraction, and those external solutions were just extras. It's so much easier to search for a solution outside of yourself because then if you fail you can blame the trainer or you can blame the time management program. It wasn't you; it was them. They were the reason you couldn't meet your goals.

When you choose to seek a solution outside of yourself, you need to become invested in the process. Now, I'm not saying that getting a trainer to work out won't help you or that there aren't amazing pieces of software in the world to help you manage your time. What I am saying is that nothing in your life will have a resolution until you seek the solution inside of yourself first.

I write about this because I've been in similar positions many times over. Two years ago, if you looked up the word procrastinator in the dictionary, you would find my picture next to it. I believed procrastinating was the driving force for me to create my best work. I built a habit, from childhood, of waiting until the last minute to complete any task or assignment. I remember the first Thanksgiving dinner I hosted, where people were knocking on the door, and I had a broom in my hand and still hadn't showered. I had enough time to get ready beforehand I just pushed it and pushed it until I had to get my butt up and get the house ready for guests.


I learned from then on that that something had to drastically change. I used every planner, program or book I could think of but nothing shifted. I was still a procrastinator. Then one day I asked myself why? Such a simple question that had alluded me. Why did I procrastinate? For every answer that came up, I wondered why? I had an internal dialogue that you might have with a four year curious to understand something. I mean every response to my why questions opened up a new layer of reasons until I came to a final point. I was procrastinating because if I wait until the last minute and I failed at something it was because I didn't have enough time, not because I was a failure.

When you look outside of yourself for solutions you are looking for excuses as to why you might fail.

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I was so afraid of failing at something or doing something wrong that I would push it and push it until I had no choice but to complete it and I walked away believing that if I failed at it, it was because of a lack of time.

Unbelievable, right?

It didn’t make sense.

I was still the one completing the task, and I was still the one making mistakes because I waited so long, but I had made myself believe I wasn't failing if it was a time issue.


Boom! Eye opening realization!

Please don’t be like me! Get off the fear bandwagon and get on the solution train!

I want you to start peeling the layers of your struggles. What is the why that is holding you back from finding a solution to your problems? This time I want you to look inside of yourself. Take as much time as you need because this internal dialogue needs the time.

I’m sharing with you a free download (no opt-in) to help you get started with listening to your inner self for a solution to one of your challenges. Just press play and start listening to yourself. You got this Momma! After listening to this audio, I would love for you to hop back on here and leave us a comment sharing your experience.

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