Women and Identity Interview: Violet Moon – Parenting Coach

Violet Moon: The Introspective Mamma

Married and Mom of 5 ( Ages - 11, 10, 7/7 (twins) and 3). She is a spiritual parenting coach focusing on ushering the new consciousness of children. She channels spirit babies in order to connect them to their parents as well as stop struggling and connect better with their kids. She enjoys helping parents learn to understand and undo energetic patterns as well as emotional, generational, cultural, and societal issues that they have with their children so that they can tune into and realign with the natural flow of the parent/child relationship.


Violet Moon

I am so excited to share my interview with Violet Moon! Violet is such an amazing woman and I was in awe throughout our entire conversation. Violet is a mom of five children, whom she homeschools, and runs a coaching business specifically helping parents to build better relationships with their children. What I love most about Violet is her clear and confident sense of self. She knows what she needs to feel good and makes sure her life is set up in a such a way that her needs are met. No wonder she has so much energy for her little ones! I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I did! 

What inspired you to work on your business?

I feel that I was born for this pretty much. I connect with children on the other side. I've connected with kids before they came to the earth and started coaching parents a year ago.  A lot of the coaching methods out there weren't lining up with the soul journey and how you raise your children. I learned that the more channelings I do I learn more about how to interact with my own children.  I started to realize that the children I was channeling were telling me about their new identity and how they are here to help their parents. This work transforms from coaching parents to ushering this new energy into our world.

Who is a woman you admire? Why?

My mother. She is a powerful woman who gets lost a lot in the old stories. I learned to see the struggle in the old stories and how to stand on my won because I saw the challenges my mother faced with herself. Being aware of my mother's struggles forces me to keep pushing through. She is a very nurturing person, but a major family belief is that emotions should be hidden. One of my biggest teachers is emotions and intuition.  Watching my mother struggle with emotional things, helped me learn how to be clear and remind myself of the power in the emotional state and intuition.

What is a challenge you see women face? How do you support women in getting past these challenges?

I see women repeating actions that hurt them because they don't know how to stop and take a different action. We have forgotten how to listen to and apply what that inner self is telling us. When women don't know how to actually listen to their inner voice, they can't stop the chatter and trust themselves. Different from knowing the voice because we can tap into it but really listening to it. 

What can you tell my readers about the healing process?

Don't be afraid of your feelings even the bad ones. They all come with transformations. The bad feelings are where the magic happens because a seed can only grow from the inside. If you want to change something and you want to create something different in your life. You have to go within and pick out the darkness and bring it out into the light. Feel into the negativity and feel into it. The change comes from a struggle and challenge. If we can stop looking outside of ourselves to challenge us and start looking within, we create a much easier flow in life. A lot of the pain happens when we stop the pain and to try to hide. Don't hide from the feelings, learn how to feel in and listen to what they are telling you.

A lot of the pain happens when we hide from pain. Learn how to feel in and listen to what they are telling you. -Violet Moon @chooseyoulove

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What do you tell yourself in your darkest moments to keep moving forward?

I don't shy away from the dark times, I use them as an opportunity to learn from. I really try to take care of herself as best as I can. I find that when I'm not aware of the why the negative feelings ends up trickling out to others around us. I Teach mothers how to not allow these feelings to go into their children.

I take care of myself very well by  eating mostly raw foods to take the direct energy from food. I also take immediate responsibility of my feelings; I've learned that my feelings are mine and no one else's. I am very aware that I am the only one feeling these feelings and share that with my children. I tell my kids, mommy is feeling sad and these are my emotions. My being quiet with you, has nothing to do with you. Sorry, these are my feelings and not to hurt you. I take full responsibility of my feelings.

I make sure to flow with what I need in the moment. Biggest theme, is taking care of myself in order to break generational patterns. Learn to flow into what my body needs. If I need to rest, I rest. If I need to eat a certain way, I do. If i need to get out of the house I will do that. I feel into what is happening and go with the flow. Children learn to understand learn to release their feelings in a whole new way.

They become very self-aware and don't negatively impact those around them. Kids learn how to follow the rhythm of their lives. 

If you could tell your younger self something about life, what would it be?

Learn to undo the old stories of how things should be done and start breaking negative generational patterns.

Violet Moon

What comes to mind when you hear women and identity?

Living whole. A lot of the times, our struggle comes from trying to live a part of our life that has passed, and focusing too much of our lives on what has gone. When we give important time to everything in our lives, our identity is revealed. I have all of these different parts, every section is a part of me. Learning to take care of myself. Self-care is not selfish, it 100% necessary to take care of ourselves. To feel our identity we have to be whole in all of those parts.  Being an individual and loving my individual self. 

Why do you believe it is important for women to follow their passions?

We learned not to trust our voice. "In this society, we learn that Action is important but our power comes from that deep voice in the stillness" Your voice may be a whisper but listen to it and try to understand it. I think that the power of women comes from intuition, tapping into higher power. We are natural creators, and birthers. Allow the feelings and emotions to guide us, inner guidance that we connect to the source. when you are pregnant we connect to the force, we are beyond powerful. If women can start to understand that and stop listening to everything else around them, we can move mountains.

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