Women and Identity Interview Series: Moms & Daughters

Moms and  Daughters - Jenny Eden & Arlene Jacobs from Jenny Eden Coaching

I am so excited for this interview series here at Choose You Love. As you know I am all about women owning their power and creating an identity outside of motherhood. I decided to start an interview series in order to highlight amazing women and their journey to creating a life that they love. As I thought about where to start, I had a duh moment! Why not begin the series by interviewing mothers and daughters who are working together? These are women who have decided to use their individual skills to partner together and build business' that exemplify who they are.


I have the honor of presenting our first mother-daughter team, Jenny Eden (daughter) and Arlene Jacobs (mother) from Jenny Eden Coaching. Through Jenny Eden Coaching, Jenny works with her clients to embrace their bodies and love themselves for who they are (awesome!) while teaching them how to savor food and create individualized healthy lifestyle programs. A really cool thing about her business is her partnership with her mother, Arlene, who happens to be a professional chef.

Join me in getting to know more about Jenny and Arlene's journey to working together.

women and identity

What inspired you to work together?

Jenny: My Mom is a gourmet chef, seamstress, and creative entrepreneur. It wasn't until I was an adult that I grew my love of cooking, entertaining and appreciating the pleasure and complexity of food! We teamed up to create a generational themed cookbook together. She also provides recipes for my health coaching website.

What inspired you to work on this specific business or project?

Jenny: My grandmother made incredible, authentic old-style Lithuanian food. We thought it would be really fun for the two of us to "re-invent" those recipes based on our own distinct voice and values. So, my Mom reinterprets the recipes from a "cheffy" perspective. I, on the other hand, being a vegetarian for 28 years and a health and wellness coach reinvent the same recipe from a vegetarian, healthier perspective.

What do you admire about your mother?

Jenny: She is indefatigable, passionate and precise with any project she takes on. She only puts out a product that she can truly perfect and get behind. Her creativity knows no bounds and she truly is a visionary in any creative pursuit she takes on - be it cooking, pottery, as a talented seamstress and multi-media artist.

What do you admire about your daughter?

Arlene: So many things... Jenny has a great force of determination in order to achieve a goal. This has been true since she was a child. She has the ability to pursue a passion and find creative ways to make things happen. She is extremely compassionate and reliable and is devoted to her wide range of friends and family. You can always count on Jen to be there, to be helpful and genuine… and so much more!

What is the biggest lesson you have learned from working together?

That we complement each other well because we understand each other so well. We have shared so many things over so many years that we understand and predict each other's reactions. Our philosophies stem from the same core and base and so it's easy to arrive at decisions together.

women and identity

What is something your mother has taught you that you appreciate learning in life or business?

Jenny: She has taught me so much but most importantly, that it doesn't matter how old you are or what your trajectory has been thus far you can always start over, take on a new challenge or reinvent yourself. In her late 40's my Mom went to the French Culinary institute and became a chef in some of the top restaurants in NYC. It was so inspiring for me to see her taking on an incredible task like that, while raising 2 kids at the same time.

What is something you have learned from your daughter that you were surprised to learn from her?

Arlene: We’re mostly on the “same page”, which is not surprising considering our relationship. The best thing I’ve learned is that Jenny is able to express her criticisms directly and honestly. This is very useful in a working relationship. I should be clear that this is Jenny’s enterprise, and I hang out in the background providing recipes.

Why do you believe it is important for women to follow their passions?

A woman’s script in life is generally so complicated as she is called upon to perform several roles as wife, mother, homemaker, wage earner, often leaving very little physical or emotional resources to indulge in passions. The pressures of our contemporary multi-tasking lives make it necessary to find refuge and escape to that special place of your own where thoughts or activities bring pleasure and serenity. Unfortunately, that sometimes means easing off on some of the other roles, even if for just a little while, and with no guilt.

If you could tell your younger self something about life what would it be?

Arlene: Life is lived in stages, and new opportunities are there for you, always. They are yours to take advantage of.

Where can we find you on the web?



I am so excited for all that is to come for these amazing women. Check out their work at Jenny Eden Coaching. I love all the wonderful resources they share. They are passionate about what they do.

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