Women and Identity Interview Series: Moms & Daughters

Moms and  Daughters - Nedalee Thomas (Mom) and Christina Chambers (Daughter) from Chanson Water and  Princess Power.

Wow! What a power team! I had the pleasure of interviewing Nedalee Thomas from Princess Power and her daughter Christina Chambers. Nedalee is a multi-preneur and has had several years of success in business. Her most recent venture is called Princess Power - a powerful series teaching women how to tap into their princess power and have more for less. She brought her daughter, Christina, onto her team to write her copy. You can tell there is so much love between this mother-daughter duo! I'm excited for you to get to now them better.


women and identity

What is the name of your company or project?

We have several Chanson Water and Princess Power.

What inspired you to work together?

Nedalee: Honestly, I was paying $35 dollars an hour to outsource copywriting and realized that Christina had the skills and talent and that she would be less expensive and could work from her home and stay home with her children. She almost never comes into our office.

What inspired you to work on this specific business or project?

Nedalee: I had been running Chanson Water for several years and was writing a lot of my own articles, but I'm a poor speller and need a lot of proofing on my work. Christina was homeschooled for 8 years but has much better writing skills than I do so it was a perfect match.

What do you admire about your mother?

Christina: She overcame a troubled past and is always striving for more.

What do you admire about your daughter?

Nedalee: I admire what a great mother she is and that she is so organized.

In what ways are you like one another? In what are you unlike each other?

Christina: We are both leaders and can be a little too controlling sometimes

Nedalee: I am very messy and disorganized and wish I could be more like Christina in that way. I also think that I'm more outgoing than Christina, but that comes with age. I was not outgoing when I was younger.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned from working together?

Christina: It's important to separate business and personal stuff.

Nedalee: There have been times that she (Christina) hurt my feelings on things unrelated to work and I had to battle the desire to fire her and really work to separate my feelings.

women and identity

What is something your mother has taught you that you appreciate learning in life or business?

Christina: God is in control.

What is something you have learned from your daughter that you were surprised to learn from her?

Nedalee: Christina is amazing when it comes to having insight into relationships, she blows me away.

Why do you believe it is important for women to follow their passions?

Christina: If we don't follow our passions we won't ever be truly happy or fulfilled.

If you could tell your younger selves something about life what would it be?

Christina: Don't strive for perfection, strive for happiness. Worrying about what other people will think is useless.

Nedalee: Wow. My daughter blows me away. I'm so proud of that answer and couldn't have come up with a better one.

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I love the work this team is doing! I am all about the power women have within them and this team has a program to help you do just that, tap into your princess power. You can purchase their program here!

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