Women and Identity: Danielle Fletcher

Danielle Fletcher - The Mummy Boss

​Danielle runs two business. She runs the The Mummy Boss, an online network that supports mums in business with tools and training as well as providing an online space to network and support each other. The second business, Be So You Stationairy, a successful online stationary store aimed at bringing positive stationary to everybody. She runs both businesses by herself at the moment, managing all web building and maintainenance, social media and curating content. I am currently a one women show doing my best to help other women in the same boat as me.


Danielle Fletcher

Nuggets of Wisdom Shared by Danielle

  • You are not alone in this world or in your business there are networks to support you.
  • The times will pass and to enjoy the sun as well as the rain. 
  • Work hard for your dreams.

    What inspired you to work in this business?

    I am mum and found it difficult to mingle in certain online groups as there didn't seem to be may groups focused on being a boss while raising babies. So, I decided to create just that, a group for mums who are steping into the role of entrepreneur while being a mom. 

    The stationary I create was what catapulted me on my journey of positivity. I wanted a planner that prompted positivity but the main planners on the market a bit steep in price so I created my own in order to make them available to more people. 

    Who is a woman you admire? Why?

    Maya Angelou.

    What is a challenge you see women face? How do you support women in getting past these challenges?

    I find women struggle with remaining positive, managing their time well and planning out their goals. Through both my companies I try to help people overcome these obstacles while working on myself, my knowledge of improving these skills in people and other subjects that I can help people improve themselves.

    What can you tell my readers about the healing process?

    Meditation for me seems to fix everything in your mind, body and spirit. It is a form of healing that is accessible to many and can start you on the path of better health.

    Be Yourself, never give and always work hard for your dreams. @chooseyoulove @themummyboss

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    What do you tell yourself in your darkest moments to keep moving forward?

    I tell myself that the bad times will pass. I focus on appreciating the moments in front of me. I dance in the rain as well as in the sunshine.

    If you could give your younger self advice about life, what would it be?

    Be yourself, never give up, and always work hard for your dreams.


    What comes to mind when you hear women and identity?

    Freedom of individuals in order for them to be themselves. 

    Why do you believe it is important for women to follow their passions?

    You build your confidence and ability to love yourself. 

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