Women and Identity: Christin Morgan

Christin Morgan - Registered Dietitian

Christin Morgan is a Registered Dietitian specializing in emotional eating and weight loss. She has experienced many of the struggles other women have when it comes to losing weight. She works to support her community by providing free support in her private Facebook Group, the LiveLoveLose Cafe. In addition, her signature weight loss program, LiveLoveLose, will be releasing in early 2017. This program puts an emphasis on learning how to overcome emotional eating through finding life balance, increasing self esteem, using self coaching skills and good nutrition.


Christin Morgan

Nuggets of Wisdom Shared by Christin:

  • Dark moments are opportunities to learn and grow.
  • When women don't listen to their true calling we can suffocate in our stagnation. 
  • Loving yourself is always the first step. 

What inspired you to work in this business?

I reached a peak of 300lb after having to take steroids to control an autoimmune disease. Not long after I reached this unhealthy weight, my mother passed away of a sudden heart attack. She was only 48, so this shocking event is really what started me down the road to becoming healthier. With the adoption of a healthier lifestyle, I was able to lose nearly 90lb. Then the time came where my husband and I decided to start a family. In order to get pregnant, I had to go back on steroids. I was fortunately to immediately pregnant and carry a healthy baby boy to term. Afterward, though, I experienced something I didn’t expect: profound post-partum depression. Between the steroids, the pregnancy and this depression, I gained 50lb back. Once the fog of adjusting to motherhood lifted and my depression resolved, I’ve been able to get back on track. I am back down 15lb. My main point is - I've experienced a great deal of what works and what doesn’t I love relating to women and helping them through process of weight loss, while continuing to love themselves throughout!

Who is a woman you admire? Why?

Chalene Johnson, who is the founder of TurboJam, TurboFire, Chalene Extreme, as well as the Marketing Impact Academy and other business programs. She has become incredibly successful because worked hard, set her priorities and maintained her authenticity.

What is a challenge you see women face? How do you support women in getting past these challenges?

I find that women are too busy taking care of others to take care of themselves. I support them by encouraging them to make small changes to bring balance to their lives. I also help them learn how to minimize negative self talk as well as skills for achieving self love. And because I am a registered dietitian, I also teach them manageable nutrition changes and how to listen to their body's hunger cues.

What can you tell my readers about the healing process?

When you start caring for yourself from a whole person perspective, you will start solving the issues that cause you to emotionally eat in the first place. Solve these issues and you will be on your way down the road to health-centered weight loss.

 Dark times are only learning experiences. -Christin Morgan, MS, RD @chooseyoulove

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What do you tell yourself in your darkest moments to keep moving forward?

Jesus has your back always. Dark times are only learning experiences.

If you could give your younger self advice about life, what would it be?

Stop worrying about what other people think of you.

christin morgan

What comes to mind when you hear women and identity?

True identity is something women can often struggle to find and maintain. 

Why do you believe it is important for women to follow their passions?

God made us all different, with unique qualities designed to serve others. We are intrinsically built a certain way. If you deny who you are and what you are meant to do....you will suffocate.

Where to find Christin:

Website: Christin Morgan

Facebook : LiveLoveLose Cafe Group

Pinterest: Christin Morgan

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