What’s my friends have to do with me?

​What’s my friends have to do with me?

Listen! I have a strong group of friends!

These women are amazing! What does my crew have to do with me? EVERYTHING!!!!!

As adults, it can be difficult to make new friends. We hold on to our long-term friendships because the connection with them is strong and genuine. I know for me these connections support me in my growth, especially as I have become more adventurous in my 30's. They remind me of my abilities, support me and encourage me. I strive to do the same for them.


These women are excelling in their professions, have supportive families, and are constantly finding ways to grow as people. They support my passions and dreams. They let me work through the crazy ideas and offer guidance as I find my true steps. I love them. My friends have been a part of my life for eons (or what feels like it) and I am blessed for it.

The biggest message I receive from social networks is that as you grow as an entrepreneur, you only grow as big as the people surrounding The women in my circle aren't necessarily following my same path, but they have a mindset that is positive, strong and focused. They are striving to find success in their chosen profession, because...it is their passion. I have Educators, Scientists, Artists, Marketers, Homemakers, and Lawyers in my circle. I've always been drawn to women like these, women of color who are striving in their chosen field and I am blessed for it.

The beauty of this diversity is that everyone brings something unique to our time together. We have a varied perspective and as such it helps us grow because we can each see what the other doesn't see.

I am grateful for such powerful, loving, and supportive friendships. We always find a way of connecting with one another, even with all the responsibilities in our lives. My friendship with these women is critical to keeping myself grounded and happy

Lesson learned: Find your core group of friends, work on keeping those relationships strong and build one another up!

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I would love to hear from you. How do your friendships help you grow? How do you strive to build stronger relationships, with your core, as an adult with all the major responsibilities on your plate?

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