Two Ways To Embrace Your Self Always

Embrace Yourself

I remember being 12 and desperately wanting to be part of the popular crowd. My goodness, I was desperate to have one good friend. At the age of 12, I’d switched schools and knew no one. My body was starting to develop, and I was super self-conscious. I knew there to be “secret” criteria that made you be “in” the “in the crowd, ” but I had no clue what they were. I was navigating a strange world without the GPS.

I was also a huge nerd. Lol, I loved reading, I loved math. I didn’t embrace these parts of me. I went from being an outgoing introvert (that is a thing) in elementary school to a reclusive loner in middle school. I started to hate the stuff I loved all because I wanted to be accepted. Of course, as a pre-teen, I didn’t want to understand that all that mattered was taking myself.


embrace yourself

It has taken me a long ass time to get to a place where I accept my individuality. I have an excellent group of friends, but while they all love Harry Potter, you will catch me watching Star Trek for days on end. I can spend the entire day reading while my husband watches sports. I don’t feel any less loved or accepted because I enjoy things that aren’t the “norm.”

I finally feel accepted in this world because I accept myself.

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“I think everybody’s weird. We should all celebrate our individuality and not be embarrassed or ashamed of it.” - Johnny Depp

I love being different and weird. Not because I am drawn to make a statement but because what I like, indeed makes me happy.

When are you going to start to celebrate your individuality? When are you going to stop hiding your true brilliance? Accept who are you. Embrace your self so that you can celebrate how wonderful you are. Take this opportunity to inspire others with your wonderful individual self.

embrace yourself

Here are two tips to stop hiding and embrace your wonderful self:

1. Let Go Of What Others Think of You!

  • It’s time to remove the chatter from your brain. What other people think of you is useless! What you think of yourself is what matters! You will feel so liberated and free when you let go of the voices from other people.

2. Take baby steps but do things that scare you!

  • You will never know who you are by doing the same thing everyday. Step outside of your comfort zone and test yourself. What can you be capable of if you take one small step today?

Shine beautiful momma!

Sending you love,


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