Three Reasons Why My 3-Year Old is Still My Muse

Muse (noun): a person who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist

Last year I wrote a blog post called "Three Reasons Why My 2-Year Old Is My Muse". It’s posted on my family/mommy blog because at the time I was excited to have published a children’s book, but I wanted to talk to my mommies here as to why my 3-year-old deeply inspires me every day.

My life has been a series of changes: I’ve rarely had much consistency because I was always changing. I changed my career often (and still do), I changed my likes, I changed the foods I ate. It wasn’t until I had my son that I was motivated to slow down, listen to myself and accept myself for who I am.



As a child, I would escape into storybooks and connect to the characters in a special way. I felt special when reading and hoped that one day I could write in such a way that my words would create a magical experience for the reader. When my son came along, I finally received the push that I needed to get going on this writing thing. As I observe him and watching his personality develop new ideas and storylines come to me easily. I am much more present for myself and others. Becoming an author, blogger and coach has been an exciting journey, and the ideas haven't stopped coming, all thanks to how my little guy has inspired me.

My son is a gift for many reasons and my muse for three:

1. He is open to receiving and giving unconditional love.

As adults, we have been scarred by different experiences that can make us want to close ourselves off from the world. Not my son! Just this past weekend, we had a potluck and every time the doorbell rang, there was my son running to our front door greeting all of our friends and family. It was a proud mommy moment, for sure. But, it was also enlightening. Children find the magic and love in the every day. When they read about creative worlds, they connect to the story from a place of love. My creative juices start flowing when I receive and give unconditional love to my son. As my muse, he inspires me at every moment. I am finally at a place where I can let the loving energy run through me and impact my work.

"I am finally at a place where I can let the loving energy run through me and impact my work."

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2. He takes less than a minute to learn from a mistake.

How long does it take an adult to pick themselves up after a mistake? How long does it take an adult to dust themselves off, learn from the situation and move forward? I am sure it is way longer than 60 seconds. Mistakes made by 3-year-olds can seem small to adults but, from a child's perspective, the challenges they face every day are massive. I’ll watch him as he falls to his knees or mess up a move, and as quickly as he made the error, he corrects himself and moves on. He is extremely motivated to learn and grows from mistakes quickly.

I make mistakes every day, especially on my journey of discovery. However, I have come to learn how to not let those mistakes hold me down for long. An error made is a blessing! I have to thank my 3-year-old muse for helping me shift my mindset around failure. He inspires and motivates me every day. His own determination and focus on understanding the world around him helps me learn how to hunker down to get my own work done.


3. Even when his behavior is frustrating, he is still pretty amazing.

Kids pick up on things quickly. I've noticed this about my son more in the past few weeks than ever before. He better understands how to make the best choices for him. He thinks about what he wants and then goes after it. Usually, what he wants is the one thing I can't let him have (my iPad). If he doesn't get what he wants, he may throw a tantrum and then takes a moment to collect himself. These are the moments that can be frustrating for me. However, his tantrums don't last more than five minutes, and he immediately returns to his happy self and continues with his day. He never forgets what he wants, but until he gets it, he doesn't let not having it bring him down.

That is the key.

On my journey, I may want immediate success and results but the reality is it doesn't happen overnight. What I am constantly learning from watching my son develop is that you can continue enjoying life while working towards your goal!

I can't wait to discover what other stories develop for me as I see my "little man" grows up and continue to inspire me as my muse!

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