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3 Lies You Tell Yourself About Motherhood

3 Lies You Tell Yourself About Motherhood

Lies we tell ourselves about motherhood

Growing up, my mother stayed home with my brother and I. When my mom decided to stay home, it wasn’t a difficult choice for her. She had us at a young age and in her country mothers stayed home with their kids. It was wonderful having my mom pick me up everyday, being there for me in order to help me navigate the difficult transitions throughout childhood. Meals were always prepared, she went on school trips with me and my teachers knew her well.

When I was 11 she decided to finished her high school diploma and eventually became a teacher; it was a profound moment for all of us. She tells me, how she came to believe that she had to be a certain way to be a good mother and it took her a long time that this wasn’t true. My mother discovered a passion of hers and followed through on making it a reality. She let go of many of the lives she told herself about motherhood and in whatever role she played in my life I learned a great deal from her.

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