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“Losing myself and finding my way back” Part I

“Losing myself and finding my way back” Part I

Losing myself and finding my way back

I chose the name Choose You Love for my company because it took me a long time to realize that I had to choose me and love me in order to be a better mom, partner and basically, everything.I was completely losing myself and who I was in this world. During a six month period after giving birth to my son, I knew something wasn't quite right with me but I ignored the symptoms. I ignored my concerns because I believed my main priority was my son. The problem is the symptoms didn't ignore me and eventually I had a total melt down.

Being a first-time mom, everything that came with having a child was new, exciting and scary. I had a ton of people in my life willing and able to offer guidance and advice but I was too ashamed to say anything. I felt guilty for having "sad" feelings. I was supposed to be happy with my baby and grateful that I was able to be home with him, yes I was losing myself. I would hide the "ugly" feelings from my family and refused to seek out help.

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