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Two Ways To Embrace Your Self Always

Two Ways To Embrace Your Self Always

Embrace Yourself

I remember being 12 and desperately wanting to be part of the popular crowd. My goodness, I was desperate to have one good friend. At the age of 12, I’d switched schools and knew no one. My body was starting to develop, and I was super self-conscious. I knew there to be “secret” criteria that made you be “in” the “in the crowd, ” but I had no clue what they were. I was navigating a strange world without the GPS.

I was also a huge nerd. Lol, I loved reading, I loved math. I didn’t embrace these parts of me. I went from being an outgoing introvert (that is a thing) in elementary school to a reclusive loner in middle school. I started to hate the stuff I loved all because I wanted to be accepted. Of course, as a pre-teen, I didn’t want to understand that all that mattered was taking myself.

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