3 Mindsets Moms Need to Break Free from Fear

3 Mindsets Moms Need to Break Free from Fear

Break Free From Fear - Learn from you Children

You are sitting there looking at your child(ren), thinking about how amazing they are. Even when they are clingy, whining, and just super needy, you appreciate your children for their presence, and love. One of the aspects of my children’s personality that I admire the most is their fearless approach to life. They take on monumental tasks on a daily basis and they don’t fear any repercussions or the possibility of failure. They instinctively know that failure is a part of the growth process and the take the world head on anyway.

As we grow older, life beats the fear into us.

  • We fail on a test and there are repercussions.

  • We forget to pay a bill and bam a late fee is attached.

  • You attempt something out of your comfort zone and it doesn’t turn out as planned.

The list can go on and on. My point being that we are born fearless. We only internalize fear from the experiences we have in life. It really is our choice to decide whether we choose to be fearful or fearless.

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