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Welcome to the Choose You Love resource page. I created this resource page to share my favorite books, people, and overall wonderfulness from all over the web to help you on your journey of self-love and empowerment.

These are suggested resources and I promise to only list resources that I have used and approve.

Before you get comfy with all content below, please read this disclosure. 

Journal Pages

Click on the image below to gain access to all the journal pages I share with you on my blog. Each journal page has a set of questions geared to help you find your truth in one area of your life. You can always read through my blog posts to read the content connected with the pages or get access to all the pages via the link below. 

journal pages

Recommended Reading

People Who Rock

Violet Moon - Parenting Coach

Jenny Eden & Arlene Jacobs from Jenny Eden Coaching

Senica Evans - Enrolled Agent for Small Businesses (Accountant)

Nedalee Thomas  and Christina Chambers from Chanson Water and Princess Power.