3 Steps to a Successful Post-Partum Glamour Photo Shoot

3 Steps to a Successful Post-Partum Glamour Photo Shoot

Yes, you read that right! I'm going to talk about my post-partum photo shoot.

I decided it was time to share my experience with you all. I've connected with many women who are interested in taking the photoshoot plunge but have so many fears around the actual act of getting them done.

When the going gets rough, I get more interesting.

Let me tell you, getting these pictures taken was one of the most freeing and eye-opening experiences I've ever participated in.


What led me to getting a glamour photo shoot?

1. I wanted to get out of my rut.

I'd been a WAHM for so long that my daily attire consisted of yoga pants and tanks. I wanted to dress up and feel sexy to myself, again.

2. I believe that to get back to center you need to have fun.

This shoot was tons of fun. I had a huge amount of wardrobe malfunctions, random employees walking on to my set and learning to sit in the most awkward positions just to get the right shots. I'm not making it sound fun, but it was. After the first few mishaps (the entire shoot lasted three hours), I learned to relax and let go which meant I could enjoy the process. I laughed my whole way through the rest of it.

3. I wanted some pampering.

My day to day consists of getting kids ready, sitting down to work and cleaning the house. I wanted a few hours that were just about me. With the package I received, the stylists arranged my hair, did my makeup and attended to my needs during the entire time. LOVED THAT!

4. I was two years postpartum and finally learned to love my body.

It took a lot of work to get to a place where looking at my body gave my happy thoughts. I am not perfect by any means, but I love my body and everything it can do. Taking the glamour shots solidified all the good feelings I had. After giving birth to my son through c-section and gaining 70lbs, I did not feel like myself. I didn't enjoy getting dressed or undressed. I would dress in the bathroom and rarely looked in the mirror because I felt so ashamed, unattractive. I had no reason to be. I had to heal and be kinder to myself. Giving birth was an amazing process and when I learned to honor that process, I grew to love my body more.

5. I wanted to do something sexy for my hubby.

I just got married in October and although he didn't request glamour images, he was in no way disappointed in receiving them either. I was able to love myself more AND give him a fun, loving gift for our wedding.

Here is one image from my shoot:

photo shoot

1. Get comfortable with your body before the shoot.

This can be a challenging task to take on but so critical. When getting a photoshoot you are being very vulnerable. Doesn't matter who will see these pictures at the end, what matters is that you are taking them. Which means, you can choose to be free during the shoot or choose to restrict the process. I believe that to get ready for it, you need to practice vulnerability at home. Dress in ways that make you feel confident and sexy. Observe yourself in the mirror. Tell yourself how much you love and honor your body.

2. Pick outfits you feel confident and sexy in.

I can't stress this one enough. I don't want you going into the photo shoot being self-conscious about your choices. Pick outfits that work for you and your body! This isn't the time to worry about your mom pooch. If that is an area of concern, wear something that flatters the parts of your body you want to accentuate. This is your time to shine!

3. Shop around for the right place.

Make sure to speak with the employees beforehand. Ask them questions about the experience at that particular shop. How do they manage interruptions? What comes with your photoshoot? Get to know the photographer, because they will get to know you very well and you want to feel as comfortable as possible.

Lesson Learned: Love and honor your body in as many ways as you can.

I would love to hear your glamour shot experiences. If you have done one, please share why you did it and what was your experience like. If you haven't gotten one yet, share what is holding you back!

Sending you love,


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