Personal Growth to Create Your Best Life

Personal Growth to Create Your Best Life

The term personal growth has been tossed around a lot lately.

People want to challenge themselves and step outside of the norm. I think this is great! The reason I am in this moment in my life is because I focused on personal growth. I think it is powerful to look at your life and decide what areas you WANT to improve on!

This process can help you make your life more enjoyable and fulfilling. As women, we are nurturers and supportive of other people's goals and dreams but what about our vision for our future? How do we start on a path to define what is most important to us?


The key to beginning a personal growth journey is setting your priorities and getting started. It is about making the small changes now that will get you closer to living the life you desire. Taking even step towards your goals means you are moving in the right direction.


Make your first steps towards personal growth as easy as possible:

1. Measure your current situation. Think about your life and write down a list of parts of your life you want to change. It may look something like this:

2. Rate each of these experiences. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being perfect, rate each one by the level of importance you have to changing it. 1 being you want to change it right away and 10 being it can wait indefinitely.

3. Create a 10. Let’s suppose your weight is a big issue. You rate it a “2”, because it negatively impacts your confidence and self-esteem. It’s also becoming a health issue. You also believe that it hurts your social life. What is the perfect alternative? Write a little story

  • I’m on the bathroom scale, and my weight is 170 pounds. This is the perfect weight for me. I look and feel good in my clothes. My doctor is pleased with my cholesterol and blood pressure numbers. Women are starting to notice me again. I have the confidence to ask out Mary for this weekend.
  • Now you have an objective that clearly addresses a challenging part of your life.

4. Consider the people in your life. If you want to enhance any part of your life, there will be people that attempt to hold you back. They might not do it intentionally, but it will happen. It’s hard to kick your mom out of your life, but many other people are optional.

  • You may need to add people to your life. Perhaps you need a personal trainer or a few friends that have successfully lost weight. A few friends at the gym would be helpful, too.

5. What do you need? A cookbook with healthy recipes? A gym membership? A jump rope? Compare your needs with your current resources. Can you bridge the gap?

6. Focus on your habits. Your current situation is a result of years of less-than-great habits. Better habits provide better outcomes. Make small changes to your daily habits. Then it’s just a matter of being compliant and patient.

7. Learn how to be uncomfortable. The faster you wish to change, the more discomfort you’ll face. You’ll have to slow down or accept that discomfort is part of the deal. The ability to deal with uncomfortable feelings grows with practice.

It’s daunting to change every aspect of your life, so don’t even try! Focus on just one area you want to improve. Take baby steps to find the best solution You can then turn your attention to the less-critical items. Beginning a personal growth journey is an exciting time. YOU GOT THIS!

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