Only You Can Decide What Success Looks Like for You!

Only You Can Decide What Success Looks Like for You!

Our society places an emphasis on success. However, there are so many definitions of the word that we all strive to meet. There are benchmarks, data points, accolades and just general compliments when we achieve something that others deem to be best.

We’re taught many things in school, but how to define success for ourselves isn’t one of them.



I'm not saying let's throw grades or score systems out the window. Our society isn't ready for that. We have systems in place as a way to manage gains and losses with large groups. I am urging you to think about what success actually means to you. Are you training to run that 5k because that is the latest trend? Or, are you running because it brings you genuine joy? What does being successful when running look like for you?

Here are some actions to take to gain a better understanding of what success means to you:

1. Know What You Want: The accomplishment of something amazing is rarely accidental. You must have intention and purpose over a period of time. If you don’t know what you want, you can’t expect that anything great is going to happen.

• Do you know what you want? Do you have an intention for each day? What did you try to accomplish today that will enhance your life in the long-term?

2. Develop habits that serve your purpose. The small actions that you take each day determine your long-term outcomes.

• What habits do you currently have? What is one thing you can change that helps you get closer to success for you?


3. Start Now! Consider the most effective actions you can take each day and measure how much time you actually spend on them.

• The small amount of time you spend productively each day will amaze you. Just imagine the results you could obtain if you changed that trend.

4. Don't Give Up. The most successful people have endured numerous failures. Failures are a part of the process and they help you learn what works for you.

5. Continue growing and learning! The person you are today might not be capable of making 10 times your current salary. You’ll have to learn, grow, and adapt.

• Think about the person you’ll need to become in order to accomplish your goals.

Decide what you want and how you want to measure your level of success. Determine the actions required to get there. Never give up and keep evolving. You’ll grow your knowledge and skills to reach the goals you want to achieve.

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