Night Owl No More…

Night Owl  No more!

"Make your recovery the priority in your life." - Robin Norwood

My life as a night owl started in my college years.

My energy would rise after 5 pm, and I felt I was invincible. I would stay up until 1a.m., studying, speaking to friends or just watching TV. Only to wake up the next morning, dragging myself out of bed barely awake for my 8 am class.

This "routine" continued well into my 30's, and then I had a child. A baby, now a toddler, who doesn't understand the value sleep after 7 am. Someone like me, who values daytime sleep, felt lost all day and confused.


How many of you have felt that pain?

How many of you have lost yourself in the business of the morning and when 3 pm hit not knowing what happened in your day?

How many of you have felt disconnected to yourself all day because you were startled awake?

I knew I had to make a change in my life quickly, being a night owl no longer worked for me. Not only were my sleep patterns disrupted and I could no longer function after 9 pm I knew something had to shift. Add on top of that I needed to feel grounded throughout my day to keep my anxiety at bay. If I feel overly tired, I simply don't have the energy to keep myself calm.

I truly had to change my morning routine quickly.

night owl no more

Listening to a podcast, I heard about this fantastic book "The Miracle Morning: the Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8 am) by Hal Elrod. The message of the book is to transform your life you must change your morning routine. Set an early time to get up and incorporate various components suggested to change your life. I've made some variations to fit the changes into my life. (As I do this I listen to calming sounds to set the tone)

Anti-Night Owl Morning Routine

1. Get up at 5:45 am

2. (15 minutes) I have two journals that I write into daily

     a. Journal 1: Six-month goals, I use to visualize - Answer a daily reflection question (example: What do you regret from your life?)

     b. Journal 2: Write a list of 5 things I am grateful for - reflect on a passage from my Bible chosen at random

3. (5 minutes) Pray for my day and those that I love

4. (5 minutes) Meditate (I am very much a beginner)

5. (10 minutes) Morning Stretch

The difference I feel now didn't happen overnight. I've been completing this morning routine for 22 days now, and it has made a world of difference.

Every day, I finish my routine I feel happier, lighter and ready to take on my day. When I have a down moment throughout the day, I think back to my gratitude journal, and I feel grounded. My morning goal reflection keeps me motivated as I work through my day. My prayer keeps me focused on what is truly important. I am very much at the beginning, but I am excited to continue to share my journey with you. I especially want to grow as a person that meditates. The quiet moments help me listen to what the universe needs to tell me and to stay present.

I am no longer a night owl. To get up at 5:45 a.m I need to be in bed no later than 10 pm. I fall asleep bed thanking the universe for the "good"" and the "bad" and leave it to the day. I go to sleep ready to start my next day.

Lesson Learned: Give up habits that do you harm and start ones that feed your soul.

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I would love to hear from you. Do you have a morning routine? What changes do you need to make to have a solid morning routine? What changes do you believe you will see when incorporating a morning routine?

Thank you so much for reading. The more we share, the more people we can help! And if this post touched you somehow I would appreciate it if you could share with your friends. Feel free also to follow the conversation on my Facebook Group or Instagram – @choose_you_love.