Love Letter to My Inner Goddess

Hello Beautiful Inner Goddess,

I've been reading a book called the Goddess Warrior Training Book. I was inspired to write to you because of this Goddess Warrior book. Some people might think writing this type of letter is crazy but for me, it's empowering as hell. I've been ignoring my Inner Goddess for way too long. The author writes about everything I've been thinking but have been too scared to say out loud. Why? Because it is scary as hell to come into your power. It would be an entirely new and frightening reality.

For the past nine months, I've been on what my bestie calls a "soul journey." I've removed so much that doesn't serve me and am welcoming the abundance that has been waiting for me. There have been more downs than ups. The ups have been stronger and for longer periods of time. It has taken a daily exercise of demonstrating self-love and forgiveness. I've gone through long periods of anxiety, tears, and meltdowns. The pain has been unbearable at times. As difficult it was to go through those moments, I've come out stronger every time.


inner goddess

So, why am I writing a letter to you Inner Goddess?

I've worked on my mindset, my ability to forgive and love myself; yet I've neglected to feed you. Reading the Goddess Warrior Training lit a spark in me, and I finally recognized what was the missing piece of my "soul journey" puzzle.

Being healthy means there is a certain amount of fire in my belly that needs to be in place. You thrive on this power; you find your happy place there. You are a sensual, powerful being that is aching to express herself. I love you, all parts of you. Step into your rightful place in my life.

We as women are complicated, raw and amazingly beautiful. We also hide this from ourselves more often than not. I don't want to do that anymore. I want all parts of me to shine brightly.

No longer are we hiding, or shaming ourselves.

No longer are we silencing ourselves to avoid offending.

No longer are we sacrificing our needs to please others.

We are standing stronger, authentically raw. We are feeling that feeling that makes us feel good. We are building momentum and following our passions. We are connecting with other women to share our journey and help them find their way in this world.

Goddess, I promise to continue to care for you, nurture you and build you up. I will proudly display who we are and give ourselves permission to slow down, be at the moment and be happy just the way we are!

I'm excited about our journey!



** I believe every woman has a Goddess ready to shine if you just tap into her. I would love to hear what you promise to do for yourself and your Inner Goddesses. Please share in the comments below.

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