Ladies: I Urge You to Get Out of Your Head

Seriously, Get Out of Your Head!

How many times have you spent just running through your to-do list?

How often do you just miss out on a special moment because you are playing out scenarios from the past?

How do you feel when you realize you just spent another ten minutes worrying about the laundry?

I get it, you are a thinker. You need to process what is happening in your life. You feel this urge to make sure you are making the best decision at every moment. It is important to make informed decisions but what happens after you've settled on something? Do you start thinking about the next big decision? Does the cycle just start up again? The next big decision needs to be made, so you sit and ponder what is the next best course of action.


I was just in that same position a few minutes ago. It is my time scheduled to write a blog post for your beautiful women and all I could do was stare at my computer thinking about the what ifs. What if my writing sucks? What if you don't care about this topic? What if.....blah blah blah

Then I realized, the more I'm thinking the less I'm writing. The less I'm getting any message out there. I am not perfect and I'm learning every day. So, I write this to you today.

Get out of your head!

What are you stopping yourself from doing because you are over thinking it?

What glorious gift are you keeping from the world because you are afraid you haven't thought everything through?

I urge you to get out of your head, get out of your own way and take a step towards what you want!

Think about the last time you kept yourself from moving forward. How did you feel afterward? Did you miss out on a moment to succeed? Let this be the time you get out of your head and start being a creator in your life!

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