I Define Who I Am

I Define Who I Am

Yesterday, I had a conversation with my husband about this self-discovery journey I have been on and deciding that I define who I am.

I shared with him the feelings of pride and excitement I have been happily overwhelmed with. I've shed a great deal of tears and tons of sleepless nights. Peeling the layers of unhealthy thinking and living can take its toll on you. As you peel one layer, there is a lot more underneath. However, I am grateful for this process. I wasn't sure where I would be in life right now but I've learned that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. On my computer, sharing this message with all of you.


As I considered what to write to you this week, I realized that I wanted to send you a message regarding the importance of self-love. I'm not 100% there (loving myself completely) but I am much closer to 100% than I have ever been.

So, why do I want to share this message this week?

The news media has been inundated with the story of a young lady killed this week by her classmates. There are many details about what happened but basically, this young lady entered a fight over a relationship and her opponents ganged up together to ..I don't know what? Send a message? This story has stuck with me.

I remember being in high school, completely insecure. I always walked around like I hated the world because I was afraid of being seen while wishing someone did see me. The young lady that lost her life was seen but only too late. There is no easy solution to solve the bullying and negativity that is taking place in our world but I believe if we started teaching our young girls how to love themselves more they wouldn't feel the need to fight. If we came together and modeled, as grown women, how to be there for one another while loving who we are, we would see a generation of women growing up with less violence, less hatred.

I Define Who I Am! In doing so, I decide how to love myself and others. I decide the life I want to lead. I decide how happy and fulfilled I am. I decide if and when I want to be seen.

How magical would our world be if we all valued ourselves for the wonderful, beautiful people that we are? How much kinder could we be to one another?

I came here today to send you a message that has helped me not only love myself more but value the beauty of all women around me. I would love it if you would consider using these affirmations in your daily life as they help you define who you are and sharing with me the magic that begins to show up for you.

Say it to yourself!

I Define Who I am!

I am comfortable in my skin.

The person I am today is the only person I want to be. My only mission is to be the best version of myself. I am comfortable in my own skin. I love the shell that surrounds the beauty that is inside me.

My reality is different from the reality of others and I embrace that. I look the way I do because I am uniquely created. That in itself is a blessing to celebrate.

I exercise and eat healthily to take care of myself. I avoid being coaxed by external influences to have a certain body type. The societal illusion of perfection very rarely has an impact on me. I am only focused on being the best me.

My accomplishments make me happy. Even when they are less sensational than those of my peers, I am content. They are mine and that is enough.

I avoid comparing my stage in life to that of anyone else. My peace of mind comes from knowing that what I have is made just for me. In my career, patience enables me to be diligent in whichever role I am assigned. I am comfortable in my job because I know I put my all into it.

Today, I embrace the person I am, inside and out. Each situation I am faced with allows me to give of my best self and that is enough for me. I am proud of my reality.

-Author Unknown

Sending you love,


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