How Gratitude can Inspire you to Feel Positive!

Hello CYL  Tribe!

If you've been reading my posts for a while, you may have noticed that up until two weeks ago, I didn't post a single thing in over 3 months! I've been working on my Gratitude practice.

My goal is to help moms find their way to being their truest selves! Well, this Mama needed some to figure things out! Aside from getting married this past October, there has been a lot of reflection, journaling, and soul searching in my life!

So yeah, I stayed busy!

As a mom, wife, woman and coach I want to make sure I'm my best self to serve you all! And guess what? I figured out some pretty cool things about myself and what I truly value. I'll share different parts of what I learned over the next few weeks, starting with today's post.

The most important thing I've learned!


Thankfulness helps me be my very best self!

I say my nightly prayer and when something magically happens, I look to thank the Universe for my blessing but I hadn't specifically focused on gratitude as a way of life.

The moment I started to hone in on being thankful for as many things as possible my soul energy shifted! I take a moment to acknowledge the feeling it gives me. When I allow myself to be present in the moment, I am able to give thanks for the feelings, experiences and abundance.

What does that mean for you?

Well, I'm here to share three things you can do to shift your soul energy! These are things you can do even when the children are running around, even when your house is a mess or even when you don't feel like being thankful. I do promise the moment you begin making this a part of your life, not only does your mood shift positively but your entire life.

Three ways to show gratitude:

1. Keep a journal. This doesn't have to be a formal journal. It can be a daily post it note. The point is you are writing what you are grateful for on a daily basis. Focus on the littlest of things, like your child hugging you in the morning or take note of the big things. The point is to acknowledge what you are grateful for and sit in that feeling of gratitude.

2. Mentally take note of the blessings. As you go about your day, take note of your blessings and just say a silent thank you to your higher power for bringing it your way!

3. Ask your family members to share one thing they are grateful for. If you can't think of anything to be grateful for (and we all have those days), ask your family member to share something they are grateful for. The point is to feel grateful, forgiveness and love are being shared in your home!

I avoid taking any of the good things in life for granted. When I take the time to experience gratitude, I am able to honor the true value of the goodness that I receive.

Today, I hope you can join me in being thankful for the blessings in our lives!

I would love to hear something you are grateful for today! Leave me a note in the comments with your blessing!



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