Give Yourself the Gift of Forgiveness

Give Yourself the Gift of  Forgiveness

The idea of forgiveness can be difficult to accept. When you are hurting, the last thing on your mind is to forgive the giver of this pain. You probably believe that in being hurt you must hunker down and feel all the anger that you can muster.

The reality is you don't HAVE to live in misery.

You can choose to work towards finding ways to remove the pain and move past the situation. You can do this through the power of forgiveness.



Over the past few months, I started on my journey to forgive. I grabbed a notebook and spent an hour writing out all the activities that led to my pain. After five pages, I knew there was still more in there, but I was exhausted. Here I was laying out my soul on these pages and hadn't even started forgiving. I was in awe. The second I wrote something out, there was a new thought underneath. I've been holding on to some of these ideas/feelings for over 25 years. That is a long time.

I then went through a process using this Forgiveness Map. For each action I listed in my journal, I spent five minutes on forgiving the giver of the pain I felt, thanking them for whatever lesson that experience taught me and sent them love. A good amount of actions put me in a position to forgive myself.

I want to share not just the map with you but to help you start on your journey of healing. When we forgive, we release the hold that person or interaction has on us. Once we let this go, our soul opens up even more for accepting all the good that is coming to us.

Forgiveness is the healthy and freeing choice for several reasons:

1. Living in the past steals your present and taints your future. A great future requires an attentive present. That’s not possible if you’re living in the past. Life is happening right now, at this moment. Every moment spent in the past is lost forever. Reclaim your life by forgiving and moving on.

2. Failing to forgive creates misery. Creating and maintaining negative thoughts doesn’t feel good. Pleasant thoughts support a pleasant mood. By refusing to forgive the person that wronged you, you’re harming yourself.

3. You’ll be stronger. This can be challenging! Staying angry is easy in a certain way. Show yourself just how strong you are. Take a deep breath and forgive. It becomes easier with time. You become a stronger version of yourself because you are choosing to grow and create a life you love.

• As a bonus, the more forgiving you are, the more others are willing to forgive you!

4. The past cannot be changed, but your attitude can. What is the purpose of your anger? If you stay angry for the next ten years, what have you accomplished? Nothing you do today can change what happened yesterday. Change your attitude as quickly as possible and smile again.


5. They’ll be back sooner or later. Whether you forgive them or not, they’re sure to pop back into your life in the future. In most cases, they’ll act as if nothing ever happened. However, your resentment will make you feel bad all over again if you’re still holding a grudge.

• The sooner you forgive, the sooner you can put the matter to bed.

6. All humans make mistakes. We’ve all done or said things we later regret. You can’t expect to be forgiven if you’re unwilling to forgive. Living a perfect life and making perfect choices isn’t possible. Mistakes happen.

7. Forgiveness may be the best form of revenge. If someone upset you, it’s possible it was intentional. While you might feel the need to strike back, forgiving is the better approach. Show them you’re enjoying bigger and better things. Living a happy life is the best revenge!

8. Forgiveness is fast. Time may heal all wounds, but it can take a long time. There’s no faster way to enhance your mood than the simple act of forgiving. It is fast, effective, and free. Take advantage of it.

The act of forgiving is something you do for yourself because the alternative is harmful to your health, happiness, and future. Be good to yourself. Be kind to yourself. Be love.

I welcome you to download the Forgiveness Map and start your journey to being free.

Click the image to download your map:

Forgiveness Map

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