Find Your Joy in the Simple Things in Life

Find  Your Joy in the Simple Things in Life

Every year on my birthday, I spend a lot of time reflecting on my past year on this earth. I look for areas I could have improved on and count my many blessings. My birthday is next week and the reflection has been in full swing for a few weeks now. The area of my life that stand out the most is the beauty and joy that I find in the simple things in life

I've gotten to a place where I enjoy the quiet in the mornings. I fall asleep to the sound of rain. The sound of my son's laugh makes my heart warm. Seeing my husband smile at me when he gets home from work, makes me utterly happy


It sounds a little woo woo and too good to be true but if you take a real moment to notice what makes you tingle, it mostly likely is a small action that you can often take for granted.

The simple things in life have a more profound impact on me than anything else.

simple things in life

Sometimes, we wait for the super grand things to bring us ultimate joy. Those moments can be far apart. It's like waiting your entire college career to get your degree and forgetting to appreciate the life-changing lecture from that profound professor. Think about the everyday. Look for the joy in the daily simple things in life:

  • Use simple words to express how you feel.
  • Use direct solutions for challenges
  • Take moments to acknowledge what lets you feel good
  • Find the time to be present
  • Acknowledge what makes me my best self
  • Appreciate the beauty that is in your home.

What are some ways you can appreciate more of the simple things in life?

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