Do you know how to find your passion?

Find  Your Passion!

What gets the fire in your belly roaring? Do you even feel the fire anymore?

I've worked with tons of people who no longer know what they want to do with their life. They no longer see the future they want to create. Have you felt this way? You started out on a path you believed to be right for you, only to find yourself feeling drained and lacking motivation.

If you are asked today: "What are your Goals, Dreams, and Desire?" Will you be able to provide an answer?

For many women, their children become their passion. Their children are what motivates them to do better for their family. You had passions before children and you still have them in you!


Truly knowing what drives you takes a good amount of work. Very rarely does anyone wake up thinking I am driven to do this one thing for the rest of my life and I will always feel passionate about it. If you do, you are super lucky.

I urge you! URGE YOU, to find your internal motivation.

I have some ideas below on how to make that happen. When you are a mom, your time is limited and thoughts can be frazzled. It is truly important that you find the path that will allow you to live your life passionately! Your child will grow up and you will be left trying to figure out what will make you happy. Start doing the work to find your passion now!

You’re going to have to work diligently at whatever you choose to do if you want to be successful. It only makes sense to spend that time and effort on something that’s meaningful to you.

Can you be more committed to your freedom and happiness than you are to your comfort zone?

Find your passion and experience life to the fullest!

Are these reasons keeping you from discovering your passion?

1. You lack the necessary experience. While a few people choose the course of their lives by the age of six, most of us need more experience to make that decision. You can’t know what it’s like to play the piano, race a car, or write a screenplay until you’ve actually spent some time doing those things. Those art classes and sports sessions aren't just for your children.

Passion comes from experience. Spend some time doing the things you think you might love to do.

2. You’re too comfortable and have forgotten what you love. Remember what I said above. Life happens outside of your comfort zone.

Spend some time thinking about and experiencing the things you once loved to do. It might spark some new ideas.

Avoid being too practical. You’re more capable than you believe. Nearly any passion can be turned into a significant income.

3. Your ideas lack a creative component. People are destined to create something. Whether it’s molding the minds of children in the classroom, designing a skyscraper, or a building a string of dry cleaners, many careers thrive with creativity. No one fantasizes about working in a cubicle.

In most cases, your greatest passions and utmost joy will come from something that allows you to be creative. Find a partner to run ideas by. Join a FaceBook group where other creatives hang out. Hearing their ideas may ignite that fire inside of you so that you can find your passion.

4. You’re projecting too far into the future. Living in the future is what bring on anxiety. It’s easy to become discouraged if your passion will take a long period of time to achieve. Becoming a rock star or an orthopedic surgeon won’t happen overnight. It’s easy to think that all the steps leading up to a big goal are meaningless.

Enjoy all parts of the journey because they are learning opportunities necessary to make your passion a reality.

5. You’re unclear about your values. When your values are crystal clear, it’s much easier to make decisions and plot your course. What’s most important to you? Create a list of your values. You’ll find this exercise is highly useful. It will help to define you as a person.

This is one of the most critical! Our values change over time. What you believed to be important at 16 is no longer true for you. Complete this quiz and narrow your values down to three. Let these values lead you in your decision making.

6. You’re not good at dealing with discomfort. When you think about your passion, you might feel uncomfortable. You love stability and knowing what your day to day looks like. You create routines for your children and you both thrive with them.

I'll repeat myself. Life happens outside of your comfort zone. Nothing you have achieved in life has happened because you were comfortable. The big moments in your life happened when you stepped out of that which keeps you locked into the same old.

No matter how you’ve been living, you can change. The difference between pursuing your passion and taking the safe, boring path is tremendous. Regardless of your age, you can begin living your passion right now. You give your best to the world and your family when you’re excited, committed, and fully engaged.

Go ahead and write out your values. What is one thing you want to do in life that aligns with those values? Think about what is the next small step you can take to make that one thing happen. If you want to learn to play the piano because it aligns with your value of a musical life, your next small step is listening to someone play the piano.

Ignite your internal fire!!!!

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