Discover A New Way To ‘Reduce Stress, Bond With Your Child and Re-Energize Yourself For Daily Challenges’

Coloring Book

If you don’t have the time to sit down, focus on your breath and find your ‘Zen’ everyday, then coloring might be the next best thing for you!

Coloring busts stress, gets you in that creative state we call ‘flow’, anchors you into the present moment and energizes you for the challenges of the day.

As moms, we juggle a lot of hats; taking care of the kids, household work, trying to stay in shape…

…it can get overwhelming fairly quickly.

But if you take a few minutes a day to focus on something as simple as coloring, you not only get the benefits of mindfulness meditation but also get to bond with your child on a level that you cannot do otherwise.

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Less stress, better relationship with your little one and a calm state of confidence that you carry with you for the rest of your day.

Here’s how the ‘Mantras for Mommas’ Coloring book will help you:

· Bust stress by allowing you to disconnect from the daily demands and give you a fresh, and positive, perspective on things.

· Allow subconscious thoughts to bubble up to the surface and get you in tune with your higher self (…your intuition, the inner voice that connects you with your true desire)

· Bond with your child on a much deeper level (…bridge the gap between parent and child and allow you to become your child’s best friend!)

· Trigger subconscious change through affirmations embedded in the drawings (…over time you’ll start to see a positive shift in your attitude.)

· Anchor you into the present moment and stop sweating the small stuff (…little trivial worries that used to disorient you won’t affect you anymore)

...and a lot more.

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Download Sample Pages of the Coloring Book by Clicking on the Button Below. 

‘Mantras for Mommas’ Adult Coloring Book – The New Way To Reduce Stress

‘Mantras for Mommas Coloring Book’ contains over 40 pages, each with a line drawing that you can color. Each drawing contains a positive and uplifting affirmation to give you a mental and emotional boost every time you start to color.

Plus, there’s a journal after every page which you can use as your ‘brain dump’ where you can log all your thoughts and your worries and watch them as they fade into background.

Download Sample Pages of the Coloring Book by Clicking on the Button Below. 

Give Yourself The Gift of ‘Me Time’

If you’re always working and never stop for a moment to take care of yourself, then the ‘Mantras for Mommas’ coloring book might just be what you need.

Go ahead and click on the ‘download’ button below and get your copy of ‘Mantras for Mommas Coloring Book’.

You’ll be glad you did and your child will thank you for it.

With Love,


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Coloring Book