Girls Can, Girls Do.

The Girls Can, Girls Do Coloring book combines both he power of affirmations and positive visualization, for young girls ages 6-11 so that they may shift their mindset in order to focus on self-love and acceptance.

Girls read positive affirmations and learn self-love, all while coloring!

I am enough coloring page
I am graceful coloring page

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The idea for this book came from several interactions with my step-daughter. As an educator, I've seen many young girls feeling conflicted with the changes in their lives. The impact of these changes on young girls lives didn’t fully hit home until my step-daughter started struggling with her mindset and her inability to tackle different challenges in her life.

I noticed that she would automatically put herself down when she had to tackle something that was difficult for her. She was ready to give up even before she started.

Having done a great deal of mindset work myself, I started meditating and using affirmations with my step-daughter. The change was remarkable. In the past year, I have seen her become more confident and ready to tackle different challenges.

This coloring book provides girls from the ages of 6-11 with a fun approach to affirmations and meditation. The book is filled with images of girls from various cultures, speaking messages of self-love and acceptance.

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Girls Can, Girls Do: A Coloring Book for You provides young girls with positive affirmations and meditative practices that will enrich their daily lives and help keep them remain focused on what they want.

The affirmations encourage girls to explore the possibilities of creating a life they love.

Features images of girls from different cultures. cultures. 

Reminds our girls of the magic they have within, with powerful and inspirational affirmations.

When girls start using positive self-talk, they are kinder to themselves, are more confident and feel capable to do more.

After using the Girls Can, Girls Do Coloring Book, You Should Have Girls Who:

  • ​Feel free to express themselves
  • Have a creative outlet
  • Are capable of creating a life they love
  • Have positive relationships with themselves and others
  • Look to listen to themselves and what feels right before taking action. 

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Elly Blanco-Rowe

About the Author: Elly Blanco-Rowe

Elly is a mom, wife, educator and author. She is passionate about empowering women and girls to be their best selves. As a mom of an 8-year-old girl, she sees first hand the damaging effects of negative self-talk. She was inspired to create this book after several conversations with her daughter about the power of self-love. She combined her experience as an educator with her passion for helping women through coaching to create an experience in which younger girls can create a practice of self-love and self-kindness.

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