Activities for Women and Girls to Build Self-Confidence

Activities for Women and  Girls to Build Self-Confidence

Building self-confidence is at the cornerstone of developing yourself.

Your ability to believe in yourself, regardless of what the outside world is telling you, is what sets you apart from those that do and those that don't.

Women of all ages are afraid to own their power for many reasons:

  • Fear
  • Insecurity
  • Past experiences
  • Worrying about the opinions of others


How much more magical would this world be if girls and women really focused on believing in them?

How much more powerful can the next generation be if we teach them how to own their power early on?

How will your life be different when you are kinder to yourselfbecause you are truly confident in yourself?

Self-confidence might seem to rise and fall randomly, but there are steps you can take to increase the level of confidence you experience on a regular basis.

Achieve a goal. Start small. Your goal might lay out your workout clothes every night so they are ready for the morning. Easy goals are easy to accomplish. When you accomplish something, you feel more confident. Choose easy goals that make a difference.

Make a list of your accomplishments. It’s interesting that our failures are easy to list, but our accomplishments require a little more pondering. Write one thing you are proud of every day!

Be assertive. Having more control over your life results in greater self-confidence. One of the quickest ways to increase the level of influence you have over your life is to be more assertive. Give yourself small tasks to accomplish that require assertiveness. A few examples you might consider:

  • Walk into a fast-food restaurant and ask for a cup of water without ordering anything else. It doesn’t matter whether your request is granted. Just ask.
  • Tell your boss one thing you’d like to change about your job or your work environment.
  • Make one suggestion to your significant other that would enhance your relationship.

Practice. Practice breeds confidence. You’ll be much more confident if you practice your speech ten times instead of five. Whether you practice your flirting skills or your ability give presentations, your confidence will increase with practice.

Drop one thing from your life. The odds are high that you’re currently stuck with an obligation in your life that you don’t enjoy. While there are some things in life you have to do, there are just as many that you don’t. Take control and drop one of these non-essential activities that you prefer not to do anyway.

Find a mentor. The right mentor can make all the difference. Knowing that you have an expert on your side is sure to boost your confidence. A good mentor will provide the support and guidance necessary to reach your goals. Good mentors aren’t easy to find, but well worth the effort to locate.

Some of us are blessed with a high level of self-confidence while others must learn to cultivate it. Focus on your accomplishments, be more assertive and find a mentor. Spend time each day growing and experience real personal growth.

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