5 Ways to Model Self-Acceptance for Your Kids

5 Ways to Model Self-Acceptance for Your Kids

My kids know that their mother is silly and quirky. I own and state this often. I model self-acceptance often.


I am notorious for tripping over myself. They see these things, and I name it for them. It is who I am. I embrace it so that they, in turn, can embrace who they are.

It is so easy to become embarrassed over situations that are outside our comfort zones. To worry non-stop about something we said last week, or forgot our wallet at home. When we embrace these moments of less than perfectness, we send the message that accidents happen, we learn from them, maybe laugh a little and move forward with our lives.


So, how do you go about modeling self-acceptance for your kids?

1. Reduce the stress surrounding a situation.
Trying to impress others or live up to rigid expectations can be exhausting. Work on embracing the experience and accepting them as learning opportunities. When you are less stressed, you think more clearly, and your kids learn to do the same.

2. Take more risks.
Striving towards challenging goals expands your skills and knowledge. You may not succeed on the first try, but you’ll keep drawing closer when you stay positive about a situation. Showing self-acceptance in this way demonstrates for your children that it is worthwhile to step outside your comfort zone and try new things.

3. Increase your energy levels.

Get moving. Often, after we come out of a situation that makes us feel less than, we want to close ourselves up. Get up and out of the house. Get your body moving. Focusing on increasing your vibrations through movement can get you to a more jovial pace faster.

4. Embrace messiness.
Go ahead and dine on chili dogs and banana splits in public. There are advantages to forgetting about being neat sometimes. From time to time, be ok with the dirty shirt and faces. Have fun with your kids. Teach them the importance of cleaning up but enjoy the process of getting messy!

5. Connect with your kids about similar experiences.
Did your child come home embarrassed by their interaction with their friend in school? Share a story about your experiences and connect with them about your feelings and how you the situation turned out for you.

Model your ability to accept yourself by taking yourself less seriously, remaining calm, and focusing on learning from the situation.

Modeling self-acceptance is key to raising children who accept themselves completely.

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