5 Ways to Invest in Yourself as a Stay at Home Mom

The Label  "Stay at Home Mom" Does Not Define You.  

There is so much stigma surrounding the label of Stay at Home Mom (SAHM). Our society has so much to say about women in this role and often it isn't positive.

I was a SAHM for the first year of my son's life. At the time, I felt forced into the position, having just been laid off and going through Post-Partum Anxiety. Prior to the year with my son, I never considered myself the "kind" of woman that would stay home. I realize now I was placing judgement on a very difficult and demanding role that women all around the world take on every day.  There is no "kind" of woman that chooses to be SAHM or WAHM or Working Mom or the many other titles we love to label ourselves with. We are all women that make choices that are in the best interest of our families.


I feared being judged for my new role so much that during my year with my son, I believed I had to be the perfect SAHM in order to give purpose to who was in this world. It was exhausting. I was pushing myself to meet expectations created by people that didn't live in my home, was not raising my child or recovering from anxiety. Sometimes, I wish I could send a message back in time just to tell myself to be kinder and more gentle with myself. There is no need to judge myself or any other woman for her choices. 


When I moved pass judgment I gained some clarity on the changes that had taken place in my life. Yes, I was a mom and I stayed home to take care of my son but that wasn't the only value I brought to the table. I was (still am) a whole person with dreams, passions and identity all my own outside of being a mom. I didn't have to confine my identity to one label.

I am extremely proud and happy being the mom of my awesome little guy but I am a whole person outside of him. When I started to tune into who I really was and what I wanted to do at home or in the workplace, I realized that I needed to take the time to truly invest in myself, making sure I continue to grow into the woman I want to be. 

I am extremely proud and happy being the mom of my awesome little guy but I am a whole person outside of him. @chooseyoulove

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Here is your time to focus on ways to invest in yourself as a whole woman that is a mom. 

How to Keep Investing in Yourself as a SAHM

  1. Never Apologize for Your Role as SAHM: You made an amazing choice by staying home with your child. You do not owe anyone an explanation for your choice. No one makes a CEO for choosing to run a company, why should you have to explain why you are home with your child?
  2. Take extremely good care of yourself: If you don't take care of yourself, who will? As moms, we tend to put ourselves last which means our needs are rarely met. Think about what happens to your body, your mind, and your soul when you don't take care of yourself. Also, if you don't feel well then you can't be there for anyone, let alone your child.  
  3. Round up your habits: I read somewhere that we are the sum of our daily habits. I believe that what we choose to focus on is what we become. So, if you skip the workout or eat another fish stick, what does this do to your overall well-being? What are the habits you can put in place that your future self will thank you for? Even taking an extra fifteen at night to organize your morning clothes will make a world of difference in your life.  
  4. You control the guilt you feel: Uh, guess what? No one is perfect. The house is a mess but the kids are fed and healthy. You have different priorities throughout the day and weeks. You decide what your priorities are and what needs to get done. The other things can be left for another day and no need to feel guilty.
  5. Keep your passion alive:What have you been most passionate about in your life? Take this opportunity to keep working at it even if it is a small step every day. You will be surprised at how quickly time goes by and you deserve to give yourself at least fifteen minutes a day to something you love to do. If you love to read , bust out that book. If your cup of tea is writing then get that pen and paper to free write for fifteen minutes a day. You decide how much time you make for yourself. 

You are your own woman and taking these small steps will keep you invested in who you are as a whole person. Tell me what other steps can you take to invest in yourself? Leave a comment below.

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