5 Minutes to Getting Things Done to Get You Closer to the Life You Want

Get Closer to the Life You Want

Hello Mommas! If you are anything like me, there are times you can get pretty overwhelmed with all the demands on your plate and getting things done is becoming so difficult! Work, kids, supporting others, partners, and the list goes on and on and on!

So, where do you come into the picture? What I mean is, on this huge list of to-do's, when are you, you beautiful wonderful lady, getting things done that are just for you?

This is a question I asked myself so many time over a two-year span. While pregnant and then having a child, I completely forgot about my needs. I knew there was more to my life. I knew there was more to me as a person but when the heck was I going to magically come up with the time to get done what I wanted?


getting things done

After a lot of the negative self-talk:

  • I don't have enough time
  • My passions aren't important
  • My life doesn't need any more pressure

I finally reset and took over my life. Sounds simple, right? No, I know it isn't. It's damn hard.

When you finally decide to make your desires and needs a priority your inner voice tugs at you until you feel horrible for ever thinking you deserve to live your purpose.

Well, I am here to tell you, you deserve every wonderful, positive thing that you want in your life. Whatever you decide your passion is, you deserve to pursue it!

Here, how I started.

I gave myself 5 minutes a day.

That was it. I set the timer and gave myself 5 minutes to work towards my purpose. That varied from day to day but it could range from reading a book aligned with what I wanted to do to researching how to start a blog. Some days, I only could spare the 5 minutes but others (if my son was napping) I would get caught up in what I was doing and would work for longer.

This might sound like a small step or you might think, I can't spare 5 minutes. The reality is if you have a passion you want to pursue then you need to make it a priority but you need to make it work on your terms. The point is to get to a place in your life where you are getting things done that are just for you!

Giving yourself 5 minutes, if getting this thing done is what you really want. If you set your 5 minutes to take place at 11:30 and you are dreading it then maybe you aren't ready to pursue this just yet and need to try something else. BUT, if you anxiously waiting for those 5 minute, well then, go for it!

I would love to hear what action step you decided to take with your 5 minutes and getting things done for you! Leave a comment with what you did with your 5 minutes and how did you feel after!

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I have a special freebie for you ladies! I am a huge believer in affirmations and manifestation. Learning to train my brain on what I want in my life instead of what I don't, has made a huge difference for me!

I want to share this with you. I have some special mantras for us Mommas! You can download the whole workbook by clicking on the image below but there is a sneak peak of one of the affirmations below!


Mantra - Purpose

My purpose in life, beyond motherhood, is being fulfilled.

I am truly appreciative of each step I am able to take in my life. Even when the road is rocky, even when I'm tired, even when my child(ren) is not listening, I remain thankful that I am able to live this life. I know that my purpose in life is being fulfilled with each experience.

When I am faced with the harsh reality of suffering, I avoid turning a blind eye. I believe that things are brought to my attention for me to do something about them. I take the time to listen to my body and my thoughts. I welcome the lesson and use my new learnings regularly.

My purpose is to (insert purpose). I am meant to (insert your thoughts). I have a lot to offer in this life. I spend time working on personal growth in order to be the best me I can be.

Even though I have my own plans, I accept that life comes with its own timing. Each delay I am faced with on the road towards a goal is meant to occur. I accept the delay and show gratitude for what I have.

There is a lesson for me to learn with each hiccup in life. The person I am today is a fraction of the person that life is preparing me to become. I accept each learning experience as an opportunity to develop my mission.

Today, I celebrate each day and its contribution to helping me fulfill my purpose. I face every situation with courage and openness. I am ready and willing to accept the blessings that come with every experience.

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