3 Mindsets Moms Need to Break Free from Fear

Break Free From Fear - Learn from you Children

You are sitting there looking at your child(ren), thinking about how amazing they are. Even when they are clingy, whining, and just super needy, you appreciate your children for their presence, and love. One of the aspects of my children’s personality that I admire the most is their fearless approach to life. They take on monumental tasks on a daily basis and they don’t fear any repercussions or the possibility of failure. They instinctively know that failure is a part of the growth process and the take the world head on anyway.

As we grow older, life beats the fear into us.

  • We fail on a test and there are repercussions.

  • We forget to pay a bill and bam a late fee is attached.

  • You attempt something out of your comfort zone and it doesn’t turn out as planned.

The list can go on and on. My point being that we are born fearless. We only internalize fear from the experiences we have in life. It really is our choice to decide whether we choose to be fearful or fearless.


Now, It’s Your Turn to Break Free From Fear

As moms, we also internalize a fear around our ability to be good moms, raise children that are happy and healthy and meet all the demands that are set before us. The problem with that is that we are constantly pushing ourselves to be “perfect”. We are afraid of dropping the ball because that means that we aren’t perfect and potentially cause even bigger rifts in the fabric of our motherhood.

Break Free from Fear

Even as we start off on our motherhood journey, we are being told to hurry in our recovery so that we can continue to balance everything we did before children while now learning how to be a mother. We don’t receive a break from the outside world and we don’t even give ourselves a break. The world wants us back on our feet when someone should really be rubbing them.

In order to begin the process of breaking free from fear and living a life where you focus on growth, you need to start with how you look at life. You have to begin laying a foundation of self-empowerment, strength, and self-love. You can do this by shifting your mindset.

You have to begin laying a foundation of self-empowerment, strength, and self-love. You can do this by shifting your mindset.

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3 Mindsets Moms Need to Break Free From Fear

Mindset work is one of the hardest types of personal work someone can do. We have thoughts running in our head all the time. What we don’t do is pay attention to the kinds of thoughts we tell ourselves. As challenging as it is, gaining control of our thoughts and what messages we tell ourselves is one of the most powerful first steps to get us where we want in life.

Break Free from Fear

So, as fearful, negative thoughts start creeping up for you, I want you to pause for one second. When you pause you recognize you acknowledge the negative thoughts and replace them with one of the mindsets below.

1. I am Enough

Guess what you are enough! You are enough of a mom. You are enough of a woman! You are enough for this world. You are living this life and it's up to you to live it fully. If you choose to diminish your self-worth you are only denying all those that you love a true glimpse into the real you. Just when you start thinking, I can’t do this right or I can’t get it all done. Remind yourself that you don’t have to get everything done and that you enough just being you.

2. “Through Failure I Learn to Grow”

I believe in the power of failing. If I do something correctly the very first time, it is a great feeling but the even better feeling is when I’ve worked hard at something and the puzzle of it comes together. In motherhood, as long as I am not doing something that could my child, I recognize that I am never going to perfect and I lean into that. If I am not able to wake up on time and am rushing through out of the house, I can see that as a failure or as an opportunity. When I look at it as an opportunity, I start to work on my nightime routine so that by improving that my mornings are much easier. Remember failure is your opportunity to grow.

3. “I am Not Perfect, I Can Only be Me”

Break Free from Fear

No human is perfect, yet we beat ourselves up for not doing everything perfectly. This is one of the hardest ones to work on. The idea of perfection is only in your mind. You have the power to control how you view yourself and I’m sure you are pretty great. So, use the mantra above to remind yourself that perfection is a myth and that being you, is the best thing ever!

Fear is a real feeling that can hold you back from living a life you love. To start your transformation into creating a life you want, you need to start with your mindset and break free from fear!

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