Looking at the woman in the mirror

Looking at the woman in the mirror

The woman in the mirror

In my first two posts, I dug into my experience with PPA (post-partum anxiety). Those moments of anxiety were hard but the recovery has been even harder. I still have moments of doubt. I also have a sense that I am being who I once was! I had to take a hard look at myself in the mirror to really see who I am now!

I knew going back to work, socializing with my friends and staying active with my baby were all helping me get to a better place emotionally. There was just one area of my life I just couldn't get back to normal, my normal!

I had no interest in sexy time, solo or with the SO. It was like going from 60 to -30. Seriously! I just felt like I was going in reverse. Whenever the idea of sex came my way, I was literally running in the other direction. The SO was not happy! Sorry, hunny.

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