10 Activities to Demonstrate Self-Love.

Everyone knows that motherhood is a selfless task. When a woman becomes a mother, her entire world becomes focused on her child and this often comes at the expense of her own being. Unfortunately, what most women fail to realize is that if one is unable to look after oneself, it goes without saying that one would be unable to take care of others.

Therefore, it is essential that women practice self-love in order to remain in optimal health. Choose Yourself First!

Here are 10 self-love activities to demonstrate self-love:


1) Be Kind To Yourself.

You are good enough! Make it a habit that whenever you hear your inner voice criticizing you, you replace it with 3 compliments.

2) Do What You Love.

While paying the bills is important, it’s not worth being stuck in the same dead-end job for 20 years at the expense of your happiness. Remind yourself what it is you would love to be doing as a career and set goals for yourself accordingly.

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3) Go On A Date…Alone.

As selfish as it may sound, especially if you have kids, you need “alone time” to regroup and to do the things that you love. So, take yourself to the movies or visit that new museum that you’ve been longing to go to!

4) Be At One With Your Body.

Life is stressful and we often don’t have the time to figure out how we are really feeling physically. Even if it means setting a daily alarm, take 5 minutes every day to tune into your body in order to figure out if you perhaps need to meditate, take a nap, etc.

5) Take Action.

Not happy with your weight? Unhappy at your job? Instead of always complaining, take action and go on that diet or look for your dream job! Happiness is just around the corner!

6) Do Yoga.

Because it is a fantastic way and relaxing way to relax and to reconnect with your body, consider taking up yoga classes. It’s also a great way tomato new friends!

7) Have Boundaries.

There is nothing as toxic in your life than a relationship that has no boundaries. Perhaps you have a friend that you can’t say “no” to. Now is a better time than ever to create boundaries in your relationships.

8) Be At One With Your Mind.

Take time out on a regular basis to tune into your deepest thoughts and feelings. This needs to be in private in the form of meditation or journaling, as long as you are able to voice what you are currently feeling.

9) Write A Letter To Yourself.

Write a letter to yourself outlining all your positive traits, accomplishments and achievements and email it to yourself. You will feel so good about yourself when reading it!

10) Have Regular Date Nights.

Get a babysitter and have regular date nights with your partner, just the two of you. Remember why you first fell in love and take time out to have a meaningful conversation.

Would love to hear some of your techniques and practices! What are some ways you show self-love?





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