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Momma, Are you feeling?:

  • Overwhelmed (sadness, frustration, anxiety, fear, anger)?

  • Unsure of yourself?

  • Guilty for taking any time for you?

  • That you aren't giving your best in life, specifically motherhood?

  • Like you don't know where to start creating a life you love?

You WANT to:

  • Focus listening to yourself and creating plans that meet your needs. 
  • Work towards creating time for yourself and not feel guilty about it.  
  • Create and use a daily practice of self-love.
  • STOP relying on what other people think about you and STAR trusting yourself.
  • Start being more present when spending time with those closest to you.

As your Transformational Coach, I will help you:

  • Create A More Aligned Life: Transform yourself from being a stressed mom to a blessed mom. 
  • Set BOUNDARIES (this is not a scary word) and stick to your guns after you set them!
  • Remain Focused: Sometimes we get so wound up with everything on our plates that we forget to breathe! I work with you to incorporate breathing and mindset strategies that will keep you feeling focused, calm and in control!
  • Be Fully Present: You feel so rushed that your mind is always working even during play time. We can work on getting you to a place where you leave behind the mind race and engage in playing with your kids, present for your partner and able to enjoy all the moments of your life.
  • Stand in Your Power: You decide what life you lead and what kind of mother you are. I help you figure out what that looks like and how to live in your power EVERY DAY.

The Blog

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What changed for me as a result of working with Elly is that I am now able to focus on myself without feeling guilty. My goals are important. I am important enough to take care of as a priority in my life.

Learning to say no was very difficult until I realize the importance and difference it makes. I am focusing on me, as my as on well-being. I am learning to say YES, to me, without guilt. Thank you!

Pilar Olivo
Pilar Olivo

When I had the opportunity to work with Elly, she was able to ask questions in such a way that led me to dig deeper than I had before. We talked about situations in which I felt powerless. Through her expertly worded questions, I realized that I had complete control of myself in those situations. Since our last conversation, I have felt more aligned with my power than ever. She also provided me with mental tools/exercises to recall when I started feeling powerless again. Those tools have been so valuable every single day.

Nannette Minley
Nannette Minley

I was amazed at how Elly was able to get to “know” me in such a short time. We had a series of coaching calls, and I felt understood and supported right from the first call. Elly is gifted in knowing the right questions to ask to uncover blocks that are unconsciously running our daily lives. She is able to intuit and solve problems quickly and easily. In our calls, she gave me actionable steps to do to make sure that I was nourishing my mind and body so that I could achieve my business and relationship goals.  

Sharon N'Diaye